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Description : haven't uploaded in a while

Description : If you use this noise send me what you made with it !

Description : Comment What You Made !!!!!
Made in the vst Avater

Description : Synthetic Drum Pattern/Break/Fill never used by Genesis

Description : oh wow its a piano. only keys i know is keyboards w/ a mouse

Description : I used Sawer and put some effects like reeverb delay halftime etc...
Created in Fl Studio 20 with 130 bpm!


Description : made with sytrus

feedback is appreciated

Description : Sounds like sum that would play during a mission.

Description : They will remember that they won.
There's no way back...
plugins: electrax64 X Gross Beat X OMNI
comment if u like it and and I'll upload more!

Description : One HH-Sound and one Breath-Fx turned into a strange Drum Loop.

Description : just weird

Description : More guitar weirdness...

Description : An acoustic nylon-string guitar plays a little passage, but given some bizarre FX.

Description : My private signature producer tag.
Recorded by me, my own voice.
Feel free to use.

Description : One more of my producer tags.
Tschhh sound, recorded by me, my voice.

Description : My "Raa" producer tag.
Set to 120 bpm. Recorded by me, my voice.

Description : Something weird that I made using FL Studio's Sytrus

Description : weird icytwat type loop

Description : Piano

Description : A rich string pad is given vocal phonemes and flange.

Description : Effect at 120 bpm / 4 bars

Description : A strange choir of angels. 4 seamless bars.

Description : Surreal vocal sound! 8 bars.

Description : Sounds Good at these Tempos
BPM 140/150/168/175

VSTs Used...
Soft Clipper

(I don't drink alcohol btw)

Loops 51 - 75 of 1805
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