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Description : 4 seamless bars of a sci-fi sound.
Description : 140bpm,G Synth Loop - Kanun Love.

Misc Piece, FL Studio. Use as needed. I use to have a string loop with the same name up for those that remember or still have it. Peace.
Description : Detuned Harmor pad chords.
Description : A Spooky synth loop
Keys are A#4 major / D5 major / A4 major / B4 major / A4 major
Comment what you can do with this :D
Description : Please send link via comments! I want to hear what you did with the loop! :)
Description : KEY: Eb-min
TEMPO: 134bpm
Description : Another loop pitched down and reversed.
Description : Accordion rhythmic .. Made in FL Studio 12 .. Please send me a link if you use it in a song
Description : synth loop
Description : A siren sings her strange and ghostly song. 8 seamless bars.
Description : Made with: Massive - PLUCK Castles in the Sky
Description : synth loop
Description : Reversing a piano is pretty good! Please share your work!
Description : KEY: F#-min
TEMPO: 124bpm
Description : KEY: F#-min
TEMPO: 140bpm
Description : Made In FL Studio 11
Drop a link if you used it
Description : "what do we do now?....WHAT THE FU*K DO WE DO NOW?!"
Description : synth loop
Description : working on a beat and made this perc loop that i really liked but did not fit into the song. hmu if you used it because i really want to see how people use it.
Description : synth loop
Description : More seamless sonic mayhem created with the free Reaktor ensemble, GrainCube.
Description : 16 seamless bars of a dreamlike ambience. Montage created using the free Reaktor ensemble GrainCube.
Description : A fast melange of mixed human voices forming a unique rhythm. Try it!
Description : FL Studio. 120 bpm, Dmin. Ambient Guitar.

Reloaded and back online. Fused type sound.

Let me know how it goes Peace.
Description : synth loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 1402
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