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Description : Made with SONiVOX Wobble 2. If you use the loop please link your song in the comments, thanks!

Description : made this but didn't know what to do with it, link your track if you made one

Description : Synth Surge

Description : Synth DSI Mopho X4.
From My Track "U'll Be A Hero!"

Description : Synth DSI Mopho X4.
From My Track "U'll Be A Hero!"

Description : From My Cover To Chris Clark - Black Stone

Description : There is a lot of resampl and reverb

Description : Weird synth loop
ryanjacob type maybe

Description : Psycho Piano

Description : Drone Loop From DSI Tetra

Description : Rhytm Atmo For Background

Description : Atmosphere Loop

Description : Something like lead

Description : Use a lot of SH Filter By UAD MOOG

Description : Vox Synth For Rapid Life Track

Description : Like Weird Vox

Description : It's crazy glitch

Description : synthesized sound like evil vox

Description : On request the vowel sample, without the reverb. Enjoy!

Description : Cut out the vowels of the vocal sample of one of my tunes "Don't try this @ home" (under the moniker DJ Peavey Blaster, 1999) and made this effect with it. Can be used as fill in or background effect

Description : fun loop

Description : Synth From microKorg

Description : Audio signal processing

Description : Weird Emagic Key

Description : From DSI TETRA

Loops 1 - 25 of 1719
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