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Description : used the midi notes from a pianosample a friend played at my house and played around with arps
Description : Spacey effect at 116 bpm
Description : 140 bpm Dmin FL Studio Perc Loop Perc-A-Flute Combo Meal #5.99 haha. Es special Product of the Digital Realms. Multi Genre listing. Make it work for your genre of choice.
Description : Weird beat made by making quiet beat box sounds then heavily distorting it.
Description : KEY: C-min TEMPO: 100bpm drugs are bad?
Description : Build up on Korg mini moog Wet
Description : Build up on Korg mini moog
Description : 120 bpm Fm7 Synth Loop IDRC FL Studio Weird
Description : Enjoy
Description : Enjoy
Description : synth
Description : Enjoy...
Description : weird
Description : synth loop
Description : weird
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm Some pads that I chopped, then reversed, then chopped again, then reversed
Description : Beat I made from my new sample pack. Link in bio!
Description : weird stuff 3..
Description : weird stuff 2..
Description : weird stuff man..
Description : 80 bpm Dm Percussion Mysterious Bell Tone Remember Love. Reup.
Description : via FL 12
Description : Just messing with the text-to-speech plugin
Description : IDK What This Is Lol. Send me your work if you use it, id love to see the finished result
Description : This one actually gives me chills to listen to. Especially at night in the dark. Contact me if you'd like the midi file.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1366
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