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Description : Reggaeton Drum! You like so first part cut!

Description : Another m4hhe reggaeton loop that might shoot someone into the billboards bbbbbrahh

DM for custom loops!

Low and high octaves 8 bar loop

Description : Here's another banger loop I'm giving out!

The first 4 bars sound a bit different but it's the same instrument just low oct, play with it!

Post in the comment section what you made of this :D

DM me for custom reggaeton loops

TAGS: j balvin afro reggaeton afrobeat

Description : Fire but even more so with modern Afro-reggaeton drums.

Show me what you make of it in the comment section :)

DM for custom samples, beats, etc


Description : send me your beats :)

Description : saucy loop

Description : enjoy

leave a link if u want

Description : Beautyfull Instro Music Baby Cry!

Description : This goes hand in hand with my previously uploaded loop "Bueno flute"

Description : Just getting rid of unused stuff i made lmk if you use it thanks.

Description : hey enjoy :D

Description : send me your beat whit this

Description : send me your work :)

Description : just a simple piano loop with a bit of lowpass filter.

Description : Another reggeaton loop for ya'll a little more hyped up for drum switch up.

Description : J balvin type reggeaton drum loop. good for party music.

Description : made in nexus

Description : Perfect for Reggaeton beats. If you use it in a song, i'd love to hear it.

Description : Reggaeton drum!

Description : Hope usable

Want personal beats, loops etc.
Contact me. info on my page

Description : reggaeton summer loop, leave the link of the beats on comments.

Chords: F# - A - Bm - C#m

Description : Just some Reggaeton Drums :D

Description : Rumba,Reggeton,Afro Trap maybe drop link if you made something

Loops 1 - 25 of 311
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