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Description : New York Hard Core Punk Break
Description : New York Hard Core Punk Bass line
Description : New York Hard Core Punk simple beat
Description : This is a little garage rock lick that I came up with. Inspired by Nirvana and Bass Drum of Death. I used my Fender Strat, AmpliTube, and Ableton Live 9. If you like this loop, check out my others and feel free to make a request in the comments.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a pounding Darkwave dancebeat in the 80's style.
Description : Rough
Description : could be pop and rock too...
Description : Second guitar part to my song Normal Speed
Description : First guitar part to my song Normal Speed
Description : Introduction to my song Normal Speed. . .
Description : First loop, saw a lack of punk drum loops here and decided to hopefully start a set of my own. Simplest kick, double kick punk beat ala Gimme gimme gimme by black flag. Like everyone else, send me your finished product if you use it because i'd love to hear it.
Description : PunkRock Guitar Riff in A, 140bpm
Description : Just a punk song guitar riff - G-F
Description : love to hear whatchya do with it ; )
Description : 1 of 3. fx - nv
Description : Gibson SG thru Marshall amp into Logic. Phase widen effect added. Compression added.
Description : I was listening to You Me At Six and I decided to create a drum line similar to one of their songs.
See what you think.
Description : An acoustic sounding double time beat that rides on the crash.
Tempo: 120 Bpm
Made with Mixcraft
Description : An acoustic sounding double time beat.
Tempo: 120 (or 240) Bpm
Made with Mixcraft
Description : Yeah.
Awesome rolls on this.
Description : Same stuff. More rolls. Might have ta move this around a bit in your DAW when sequencing this. Because i did the rolls first, then the groove.
See PUNK ME 1 232 for a description of the kit.
Description : Damn.. Shoulda copied and pasted the description.
Anyway, You MIGHT have to move this one around a bit, because I put the rolls first. My bad. But ehh...
I think it sounds cool.
Description : YARGH! I hope it's not to bright.....
This one is straight forward, ... I hope it fits a sorta Ramones/Ol' school punk... but it obviously sounds pretty shiny.
Shiny like a KNIFE!
DW Kit, with Sabian Cymbals. A really crappy 20 inch kick drum. Aweso
Description : Just sustained chords and then a scratch where the ACF and then pic scratch.
Nice ibanez and a nice stack. Punk rock! yay!
Description : Awesome punk rock. 4 takes in one track dynamically mixed. Allright mixing mastering. Nice mids. It's an Ibanez thru a stack.
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