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Description : from one of my tracks
Description : Doing some very interesting keys to add color to your production. Kept the levels lower and very little compression for maximum headroom.
Description : A simple Psytrance bassline

If you have made a song with this loop, let me know it in the comments, that I can hear it, pls.
Description : Cosmic
Description : bass recorded by instrument
Description : Slow psycho blues
Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : I mean Joe
Description : Made in fl-studio 12
Description : That loop was created in Renoise with ROLAND JUPITER-8.
Description : Another Psychedelic sample for all the trippy people. :)
Description : That Loop was created in Renoise.
Description : Trippy, psychedelic sample for You guys.
Drop Your flips on this in comments, would love to check it out. ;)
Description : That loop was created in Renoise.
Description : Made in NI Massive. Sidechain, bunch of fx. It took me so long to make this, let me hear if you use. :)
Description : That loop was created with drugs and Ableton.
Description : Main riff
Description : it sounnd good
drop your work below
Description : Solo riff
Description : Hard and crystal
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Piano + Reverb + EQ
Description : Hey, it's been a while. For those who even remember me, I don't use this site anymore since everything on it seems to infected by this corruptive trap virus. The site itself might as well be called trapman now since there is no talent involved in any tracks or loops that get posted anymore. I miss 2014 Looperman and this will probably be the last loop of me, I don't see any reason why I'd want to check what's currently up on looperman. This pop culture crap is a real social infection.
Description : c# min
Loops 1 - 25 of 162
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