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Description : I took the lean on vocals and changed them! Enjoy! (Made in Logic Pro X)
Description : Simple beat with ghost notes on the snare. Only the groove, nothing else, even crash cymbals or open hihat. Real played.
Description : just a random piano loop :) lets see how you guys use it in your tracks.
Description : Simple beat with bongos in the second part. Main groove real played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. If you don't want the bongos section, you can use only the first two bars.
Description : Realized with Fl Studio 11 and Behringer UMA 25 S in key A. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : YAaaaaaaaaA
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,D. Organ Loop - Watching Over You Misc piece I didnt use. Hopefully you can do something with it Let me know! Thanks for your time, Peace.
Description : Played and recorded from my electronic drum kit. Simple and straight beat. Some spices in the back added.
Description : Enjoy
Description : Same as "Very Basic" but with little variations,a tom tom roll and open hihat in the second part. Real played. Natural sound.
Description : Straight beat. Natural sound. Real played. Recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : 3/4 time (jazz waltz feel, andantino tempo). 8 seamless bars of a male quartet doing an oldschool pop/doowop groove. Implied Harmonies: C---F6---C----F6
Description : My vocals and Hand claps. Stacked into a percussive beat. Filters and efx applied for bass and other unique sounds.
Description : Basic Pop chord progression. Made with Native Instrument's "The Grandeur" piano.
Description : Basic Piano Progression using Ableton's, Grand Piano Preset.
Description : I played on my piano some chords with ornaments. If you used it, why not to show me how?
Description : 4 seamless bars of a gently funky groove played on a Fender-Rhodes electric piano. Implied harmonies: B13---G#min7 .. C#min
Description : snkrw
Description : Same as SPACIAL but with little variations and open hihat. Progression loop.
Description : Groove played and recorded from my electronic drum kit. Little percussions added. Same as "Spacial" without the chords.
Description : Hello there, peeps! Here comes the second loop of the day for me! This one's a simple piano loop I've conjured up! Tried to go for the melodically pensive/melancholic approach as usual. I sincerely hope that the day has been well for all of you! Just take it easy! Anyways: Thank you for everything and do be safe! Chords Used: Ebmaj - Cmin - Bbmaj - Abmin -> Ebmaj - Cmin - Fmin - Bbmaj! As always: Let me know if I can do anything for ya' peeps! Much love as always!
Description : A synth lead of sorts. Made it semi "bright".. Then added a few tinges of melancholy to get a bittersweet touch to the overall loop. Thank you for all the support as always, guys! It means a lot. Do take care and be safe! Loop details down below! Chord Progression: Cmaj - Emaj7 - Amin - Gmaj - > Fmaj - Fmin - Cmaj - Gmaj Thanks again and have a good day, peeps! More loops to come!
Description : Played and recorded from my electronic drum kit. Little tambourine added.
Description : A piano laced with a humming synth. Sweetly melancholic. Like summer days long gone.. Days spent sitting by the porch with the girl next door whom you've crushed on for years. Sippin' ice cold mango shakes through colorful plastic straws. And you.. Feelin' the gale breeze through. Soft and warm to the skin. You never told her how you felt. But there was no question about it. You really loved her, didn't you? Chord Progression: Emaj - F#min - C#min - Bmaj - (continue below) F#min - Amaj - Bmaj - Amin Instruments Present: A strange synth and a brooding piano. Thank you for taking the time to read that crazy long description, my fellow Looper! I hope that this loop serves of some use to you in one way, shape, or form! Feel free to contact me if you guys need anything!
Description : The world seems to stop turning whenever I think of you. (Used this online device/site-thingamajigg called "Jam Studio". They had some pre-built instruments laid out for me.. So I kinda just took two guitars and had them play the chord progression below! Chord Progression: Dmaj - F#min -Emin - Gmin Either way: I sincerely hope you enjoy it! This place seems pretty chill!
Loops 1 - 25 of 970
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