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Description : Post a link if you use it!

Description : Strings Loop.

Description : Voices
I love you LABS
Your a Hobbit Harry

Description : Chords
I Love you LABS
Your a Hobbit Harry

Description : Melody
I love you LABS
You're a Hobbit Harry

Description : Made w/ Purity.

Mainly in the high end, didn't want to overcrowd it...

link the beats you make

Description : Hope usable, check my looperman profile for more updates.

Description : dark and intense orchestra stabs from VPS avenger + altiverb 7

d harmonic minor scale

comment what you use it in!

Description : Some violins and synth strings, good for orchestral pop, hip hop or trap.

Send me a link if you use it!! Click on my pciture for more loops

Kanye West Drake Kendrick Lamar Notorious Future Gunna Baby Jay Z Juice Wrld Nick Mira Travis Scott symphony orchestra dark trap sad rap

Description : It's october guys, the first loop of this month is a spooky one, so, use this loop as you want, don't forget to share the link of your track and enjoy!

Description : Made in Sakura in FL Studio

Description : So ambient.

Description : Hope usable

Description : angry agresivve

If you use it leave a link please.

Description : A mixed brass ensemble plays a bold march-like riff in an amusing way.

Harmonies: D7b5-------Bb7b5

Description : Above Us - Piano Loop
Instruments: Piano, violin.

Description : Description : A hushed synth pad plays delicate chord changes against a pedal tone. This time subtly modulated with a curious frequency shift.

Harmonies: A----E/A---D/A---E/A

Description : A hushed synth pad plays delicate chord changes against a pedal tone.

Harmonies: A----E/A---D/A---E/A

Description : Another Orchestra Loop, this ones darker than the last one. Would people even be interested in these? I guess most people don't use loops like these anymore..

Enjoy yo!

Made In Kontakt. HMU for loops n things

Description : Title means "Hope Orchestra".

Decided to make some loops like the other string loops I did a while back. A few of the has gotten over 1K Downloads, and I'm grateful for it, makes me feel like I'm actually doing something good with my time

Hope y'all Like this!

HMU for Loops n stuff!

Description : Yeah this one's probably a bit more obvious in its 'drawn-ness'

Description : This isn't a live piano, if you couldn't tell. If there was an uncanny valley in music, this would likely be in it lol. Also, sorry that I had to cut the sample off - Looperman wouldn't have recognised it as 140 BPM otherwise.

Description : Dark low brass loop 128 BPM, lemme know whatchu think, link me to your track if you use this, I wanna see whatchu do!! Saluuute!!!

Description : I originally posted this but deleted it due to me wanting to use it for myself, but got so many emails and messages asking they really want it lol. So I'll be nice and put it back up again! Enjoy it :)

Description : pad loop with reverb son. keep it wet we never want it dry ;)

added a little bit of boost to low mids to give it fuller thicker sound

Loops 1 - 25 of 868
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