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Description : Lo fi drum loop. Let me know what you can do with it. Thanks and enjoy.

Description : If used, please link in the comments

Description : I made this with Acoustic Guitar in DirectWave and with some Hardcore, Vynil and EQ plug-in.
Enjoy and share to me your works!

Description : Another emotional piano loop!

Description : ProdByNoLie
Send me what you make.

Description : i got it today

Description : balblabla

Description : Used smaples from a vinyl sample pack. Slapped on a izotope vinyl, EQ, vocoder on the hats to give em a different sound.
COMMENT BELOW IF USED. Ill leave a like

Description : with distortion

Description : So spicy had me choking.

Description : Getting spicy.

Description : Reminds me of that binary piano loop I made when I first started posting here.

Description : dusty downtempo drums

Description : live recording session, lofi and dusty piano

Description : Played in [F# Major Pentatonic] aka all black keys.
Comment a link of your project if used! ill leave a like. :D

Description : Well Damn..
A Deep Emotional Piano

Description : i want you, but i can't have you..

Description : Smoking weed, just take it easy and we enjoyed life together

Description : Piano, vinyl, tape emulation, good for bad days

Description : Every Second - chill lofi hip hop jazz hop piano

lol...We have a Lo-Fi Genre? my last got a lot of downloads... and inspired me to make a lofi hip hop piano loop...I was never the best in piano/melody making but I got better in the last two years...and yeah a lot busier - no time to do music. but here you got a very nice loop for probably a few months again -_-, anyway I Hope you dig it all and don forget to share a link in the comments to let me know and hear what you did with it

Description : Piano Chords, Old Tape feeling, vinyl sounds, unstable

Description : Lofi Hip Hop Rhodes
Well, you can use it for something else but I think Lofi is the best description.
Made it in FL Studio with a Stock instrument called "electric"

Description : editedacoustic+high/lowpass+vocodex+reverb=this
link the loops!

Description : We where high, we watched the sunset go down, we where in love.

Description : Simple Lofi Drums

Loops 1 - 25 of 110
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