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Description : Simple Piano Melody with Gross Beat and Reverb

Description : hmu for midi

Description : oops... it's another one these. somewhat happy or i dont even know. key is major. please comment what you made.

Description : Don't know what to do with this. Enjoy :)

Description : use this in the middle of you beat it might make it interesting.

Description : this loop really sounds evil, doesn't it?

Description : Hope Useful

Description : honestly i dont know if this is usable. just a bunch of 7th and 11th chords in the scale. using the ordinary effects. key is d# MAJOR. please comment what you make with it ;))))

Description : Nostalgia

Description : Send me what you make with this
Plugin used:
Gross beat
Abnysyth 5

Description : 60 bpm

Description : haven't been posting too much lately... anyway this is some random stuff i wanted to make. key is major. effects include maximus' lofi preset, grossbeats 1/2 speed and a large amount of reverb. please comment whatever you posted with it. love to hear it.

Description : Toxic Biohazard, Halftime Plugin

If you use this, I'd love to hear it so comment the link to your beat

Description : cool lofi drum very calm

Description : Retro acoustic piano loop.
Interesting sound.

Description : chords played were g and em, pitched down 4 semitones, used my epiphone special 2

Description : This is a different type drum loop for my upcoming song on Spotify! ALL FREE TO USE!!! :D

Want more of these foley drums with lofi beats? Please comment! I'm happy to do more of these! :D

Description : cool loop made with omnisphere because this plugin is fire
send me what you make :)

Description : aesthetic vibes

Description : luv u

Description : Read a book, watching netflix, kiss your dog, just relax before the upcoming week. . .

Description : Quick little chord progression I whipped up, kinda fun, kinda sad.

Description : Great for intros!

choir + radio static + vinyl crackle + rain + explosions + dogs + birds + (...)

Description : Pad from my track THOUGHTS, use for free

Description : Drums from my track THOUGHTS, use for free

Loops 1 - 25 of 265
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