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Description : Jazz Kit Verse 2 BPM 90
Description : Jazz Kit Verse BPM 90
Description : Jazz Hi Hat BPM 80
Description : Big Room Kick Snare BPM 100
Description : Big Room Hi Hat BPM 100
Description : 8 bars
Made using a Bass Guitar.
Use as you wish.
Description : Sad Hours.

it took time and effort to come up with this melody, so please enjoy.
Description : Sax playing the C scale notes.
Starts out in C2.
4 Bars
Description : This is from a track I made a while back. No credit needed, you can link your work if you would like.
Description : Loops by woodyguccigang
Description : again please link below what you do with this and any other of my loops.
Description : Violin playing C and D (B flat) with short single notes between cords.
Description : Welcome inside my head

Hope you enjoy it

Some Lofi/Sad music
Description : Made on FL Studio
Description : Warm jazz piano, faint rhodes.
Description : show me if u use this
Description : Using detune for pitch up the piano. Comment your track :)
Description : Dry recording of my Strat. The chords are Dmaj7 - F#maj7 - Bmaj9 - F#maj7.
Description : Old riff
Description : I used a flamenco guitar preset.
Description : A jazzy chords progression.
Hope you can use it !
If you want custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.
Description : D Minor Jazz, hope you enjoy.
Description : Lofi, chills. Made with Directwave on FLStudio. Let me know what you do with it!
Description : A sad loop made with FL and omnisphere presets. Hope you find it useful. Leave ur work in the comments, I will be happy to support it.
Description : jazz or funk type loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 780
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