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Description : free use, no problem, more publish your work, pls!

daw: Fruit Loops
vst: Keyzone Classic

Description : 8 seamless bars of a piano playing an upbeat Bossa Nova vamp.

Implied Harmonies: Amaj7----Am7

Description : 8 seamless bars of a percussion section playing an upbeat Bossa Nova groove.

Description : A fast-moving (doubletime) piano groove in a 1940's/1950's Boogie-Woogie Style. Fast triplet-16th Swing feel. Groove is 94bpm, but feels like double that.

Implied Harmonies: A6---D9----E9

Description : made with Omnisphere 2! NOT PLAYED ON A REAL GUITAR


Description : I'm calling this "Jazzy Chords," due to the voicing's I use. You could totally make RnB, Trapsoul, or a J. Cole Type Beat out of this.
1st half (chords) 2nd half (chords+melody)

KEY: F# Major
CHORDS: BMajor - A#7b13 - A#7#9 - D#min7 - Dmin7 - C#min7 - F#7b13
B Major - A#7b13 - D#minor - Amin6
NOTE: (the Dmin7 is a chromatic chord, a chord out of the key)
BASS NOTES: B - A# - D - D# - C# - A#
B - A# - D# - A#


Description : Used fl keys, processed it, threw it on fruity slicer and mixed it, hope you enjoy.

Scale is D-aeolian

Description : made with Omnisphere 2! NOT PLAYED ON A REAL GUITAR

Description : I just put a higher octave of the same notes I was playing before.

Description : A simple build up I based off a guy named Bill Evans. He's pretty cool.

Description : Pretty random but sounds cool.

Description : with sub bass

Description : some jazzy chords with the Undertale music

Description : Eight bars 4/4 Jazz drums played by me with my Yamaha electronic drum,enjoy!

Description : Let's sound it

Description : Variation

Description : Lightly

Description : Here I used seventh and sixth intervals
Root notes of them -> (D# A#)-(C G)-(F G)-(melody related to C)

share yours ideas over it :)

Description : nice sequence

Description : hmu if u use this

Description : Recorded via interface from a Casio WK220 keyboard. Great as a happy melody for a jazzy song.
Not entirely sure on it being F#, all I know is that the keys used were all sharps with the exception of an F key being used.
Post anything you make with this sample! I'd love to hear it.

Description : Inspired by Tyler the Creator's Flower boy album, some jazzy chords with a pad layering in the key of G#.
100% Royalty free, but feel free to share what you make!

Description : A lot of kick and a lot of hi-hat, just a sprinkle of snare - recorded on real drums

Description : Made on fl studio

Description : Type:Organ/Chords - Key:G Minor - BPM:123

If you use this loop in any of your productions, please share them with us in the comments below! To contact us please visit our website in the 'About Me' section of our profile!

Loops 1 - 25 of 836
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