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Description : here is something els that came out of that same loop of me singing converted to midi ran thru midi plug in synth
Description : from my track same name..acapella uploaded as well with same name
Description : just odd
Description : I was walking past the neighbours ..heard gunshots and ghosts...but i kept walkin...sounds like a Johnny walker tag..LOL
Description : The neighbours knocking..
Description : That loop was created in Renoise.
Description : me on my bas with pedles
Description : me on my bass with fx
Description : me on my bass with fx board
Description : me on mybass with fx
Description : playing real guitar thru pugin sounds good withal eltronic generes
Description : gos wth many electronic genres I'm playing one of my guitars here thu korg legacy m20
Description : Interesting new Sound for percussive drum rythm
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Free Loop from a Loop Pack I'm Working On... 140 bpm
Iris 2 Vst.
Description : more of the beat broken down
Description : more of the beat
Description : another part off the sequncer
Description : this is a drum macshine seqencer I had to brake it down into parts so it can be here for you more is comming
Description : Made with Fl Studio

If you use it, please comment a link so I can see what you did with it.
Description : Enjoy!
Description : Enjoy!
Description : Enjoy
Description : Enjoy!
Loops 1 - 25 of 720
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