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Description : Hardcore Melody.

Description : From the song Incoming by Angerfist.

Description : From the song Incoming by Angerfist.

Description : 7 sylenth 1 leads layered into one.

Sadly couldn't finish the whole melo but maybe you can use it.

Key can be B, G, or E.

You can find more of my loops and songs on my profile.

Description : A hardcore kick with a little wash.

Description : Let me know if you use it.

Description : There, i said it!

Description : There, i said it!

Description : There, i said it!

Description : There, i said it!

Description : Cos there isn't many screamo samples out there, I'll try make some for y'all ^-^ this isn't a loop, more of a vocal sample.

Description : A sub beat for all you hardcore fans. Enjoy

Description : Key - D
This is just a swell in D. Just figured that it would be cool to use in Rock, electronic, or whatever you creative looperman people can come up with. Make sure that if you use this loop or any of my others to leave me a link in the comments to access your music! Thanks!

Description : Basically a 909 distorted with guitar rig 5, bass boosted, loudness boosted and relimited. The typical hard boom boom :D

Description : Rais ...Your....Fist!

one of my best Hardcore kick´s ive ever made.
Keys are D and A

Description : for all hardheads out there

Description : hardcore!

Description : A 20 minutes melody including 3 layered leads that I made before.

If you wanna support me, just put a link to my profile into the description of your projects. HR

Description : .......

Description : I kinda tried to use some... unusual notes in the main lead... I hope you like it :)

NOTE: Those loops aren't bound on any copyright but it would be nice if you wouldn't use them against me for any copyright stuff, pretending those are your sounds, like a few people did on youtube etc.

I do this for you and not for the clicks but if this happens again I'll stop to upload my stuff here.

Thx for understanding .... HR

Description : Kick Made with NI Massive
FX: Camel Phat 3 & Ohmicide

Description : Nexus vsti; sidechained.

Description : .......

Description : Here is my second kit I've created, The style is HardCore

Description : Hardcore Drum 6 of 6

Loops 76 - 100 of 564
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