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Description : Basic hardcore kick.I no copied other artist.If something don't works well,to "Time Stretching" Adjust to Auto.I reccommend to use to 175 BPM or to higher BPM.

Description : Hardcore Kick with gentle distortion and much more effects.I spent a lot of time to make this.I used a 909 kick sample + Izotope Trash 2 + EQ and some effects.Can be a little glitchy to higher tempo.Default is 130 BPM

Description : thought it was unordinary
might be trash tho

Description : Here it is a Simple Hardpsy Bass

Description : This is the kick style used on Swedish House Mafia (Jeff Remix).

Description : made in fl-studio

Description : made in fl studio

Description : 210 BPM
Fl Studio

Description : oofmaster9000, leave a link ;)

Description : cover your ears

Description : A creepy melody for hard beats (Screamo / Trap Metal). Leave your work in the comments.

Description : Hope you enjoy. Pls let me know, if you have made smth out of it :)

Description : Ableton.

Description : Nexus2.

Description : Nexus2.

Description : Nexus2.

Description : 200BPM
Made with Fl Studio

Description : 215 BPM
Made with Fl Studio

Description : 207BPM
made with FL Studio 12

Description : Beat with mood synth upped too

Description : Lead from a failed project.
Send me what you made :)

Description : Use it for free.

Description : playing Yamaha djx scratch box making raw sample remixing in dj pro then looping in magix

Description : Yamaha djx recorded then remixed in dj pro looped in magix

Description : made by me

Loops 26 - 50 of 563
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