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Description : Good vox chop or vocal chop for a butt load of genres. Royalty free. If you want to feature me put Firing Squad. Bpm is 108. Feel free to change the tempo! COMMENT TRACK LINK if you used this.

Description : Neurofunk/Glitch Hop drums made in Ableton. Much in the style of Koan Sound.

Description : gotta layer everything

Description : some percs stretched and crushed kinda sounds like a piano or something

Description : It sounds crap on it's own, stick it with the drums and it's pretty rad

Description : This sounds good on it's own, and great with the bass.

Description : Just glitched out 2 loops.

Description : Some hot girl who's really damn good at producing

Description : Some hot girl who's really damn good at producing

Description : dblue convolver delay and flanger

Description : a beat with dblue convolver delay and chorus but i only used the orange modulator thing

Description : little plink noise with dblue convolver delay and chorus

Description : Ye m808 kek droom

Description : A Glitch Hop Drum Loop With Hi-Hats. Feel Free to leave feedback in the comments if you liked this loop!
Made in FL Studio

Description : Strange low fidelity drum loop, intended for a glitch-step sort of track. I think it has a nice shuffle to it.

Description : Somewhat aggressive clubby glitchy drums. Going to play it under glitch, but it could definitely work for other electronic styles.

Description : A glitch drum beat made with circuit bent instruments recently. Could fit in with lots of electronic genres.

Description : stretched percs all spooky n echoy

Description : A vary complex glitch drum beat, with a tribal edge to it.

Description : A glitchy gated drum beat which has some amplitude power behind it. Would sound pretty neat with some filter action going on.

Description : Subtle clicky glitch beat which would fit in with many genres if used right.

Description : A glitchy percussion loop which is designed using frequency modulation synthesis. Could definitely fit into any electronic genre, from glitch hop to dubstep.

Description : Old skool bro

Description : Strange glitch percussion loop which could be useful in lots of styles when adjusted or effected.

Description : Very weird but actually catchy drums. ENJOY

Loops 151 - 175 of 728
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