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Description : A drums I used for my cover on "Creep" by Radiohead.

Description : contact me for custom loops, vocals and more

Description : time stretch delay and filtering make kicks sound cool

Description : kicks hats claps all messed around to sound wompy and boinky, reverb and ohmicide for the normal sounding part

Description : For MaDD MaDDies BDaY got some Massive Made MaDD WoBZ

Description : For my girls lil friend St. Drazel SickHop Soldier and SoloCult Recruit Happy Bday

Description : dnb chopped around to be hiphopy-glitchy-ish, i think it sounds cool

Description : A darker, almost IDM Beat with some glitches going on. I took some other beats I'd made earlier and ran them through a dBlue Glitcher and chopped that up. Next I ran it through a Dub Turbo Samploid 2 for some more effects and sequencing.

Description : A very fun glitch beat loop designed with the Zoom RT-123 drum machine. Has some fun bass drone parts, and some choppy elements. Can't wait to hear what you do with it!

Description : A stuttering, shimmering glitch beat with some surprises. Could be useful in many genres, especially with the tempo it is at.

Description : Crazy dub glitch vocal effect, in stereo on your hi fi. Could fit in with minimal styles like techno and the like as well.

Description : very scary. but cool. dubstep glitch hop and stuff


Description : sneeze fart

Description : lots of fx on everything

Description : i left the dblue on for the first bit cuz i thought it sounded cool and the second half is normal so theres something easier to work with i guess

Description : drank some coffee, messed around with a bunch of claps and now we're having fun

Description : another dnb loop all chopped around

Description : i like those ones that look like m&m's

Description : cut up some drums and changed the pitch and stuff.
i think its like hiphopy or glitchy

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : Drum loop

Description : munch munch

Description : a shitty loop that is compressed to hell. my first attempt at glitch-hop

Loops 126 - 150 of 728
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