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Description : 8 seamless bars of a soulful riff played on the Hammond B3 organ in a slow funk style.

Implied Harmonies: E---A/E---F#m/E---E
Description : some more funk trap for u guys
Description : some more brazilian funk
Description : more brazilian funk for u guys
Description : some dog barks lol
Description : some more crazy beats
Description : funk trap brasil
Description : more funk
Description : funk trap
Description : more for u guys
Description : more funk for u guys valeu produção minha da minha criatividade
Description : some more funk
Description : some more funk
Description : some brazilian style funk
Description : some funk loops brazilian style
Description : A bassline loop from my Ju-06. This is the first part of the baseline for my track 'Visor' off my project 'Ephemeral Beams'
Check out my profile and leave a comment if you use this!

Happy Sampling
Description : This bass riff is to go along with my Funky Fender Rhodes Shizz loop. Try it.

Implied Harmonies: Fm7---Bbma7---Fm7---Gm---C
Description : 8 seamless bars of a funky Fender-Rhodes electric piano groove.

Implied Harmonies: Fm7---Bbmaj7----Fm7---Gm7---C
Description : let me know post ur link here so i can hear what u have made with this thanbkss
Description : brazilian funk rythm
Description : free to use ok vale obrigado é nos!!! show me ur link with ur work done thankss
Description : free to use
Description : let me know where ur song gonna be!!
Description : feel fre to use and let me heear ur song on thsi loop of mine
Description : let me hear ur work done with my loop later ok guys thankss
Loops 1 - 25 of 1153
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