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Description : Some crazy sound design for you guys. Reuploading because I redid the sound just a tad.

Description : Messing around with sound design, completely unrelated to my normal stuff lol

Description : Part of my next track.

Made with 3 different sytrus plugins with FL Studio

Description : Recently added to my 'Scythe' project.

Description : Working on my bass design skills

Description : layered drums, layered clap/snare, hi-hats, custom perc loop.

Meant for a dubstep track

Description : testing...
show me what you can do

Description : Some variations for ya

Description : INFEKT (Rewind) Type synth

Description : INFEKT (Rewind) Type synth

Description : enjoy.

Description : Not as catchy as the previous one, but oh well.

Description : Recently experienced what was nothing short of an epiphany, so I am now able to design dubstep basses!

Description : testing...

Description : Ayonikz inspired ting. Enjoy

Big up GEH Q for using all sounds ;)

Description : Im not using it so please feel free!

Description : E G B chord synth,

Description : Some gooood hi hats.

Description : I made this to go along with my first loop.

Description : E G B chord prettty good for dubstep and beats! :D

Description : okie dokie

Description : Not really a loop

Description : No, I still can't design dubstep basses. Here, have one of my many failed attempts.

Description : Surrender - Piano - Wet

Description : read the first one plss

Loops 1 - 25 of 6673
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