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Description : There's two :/
Description : These percussions go with my Sunny loop.
Description : Thes Kick, Snare and Bounce snare goes with my Sunny loop.
Description : This is a Marimba that belongs with my Sunny loop.
Description : This is only a guitar synth that belongs to my Sunny loop
Description : This is only the Flamenco that belongs to the Sunny loop
Description : This 808 goes with my Sunny loop.
Description : Good for future house tracks
Description : Dancehall vibezzz. Comment some fire and I'll make some more loops.
Description : This is Plucked Synth loop.
Description : Acordes de Dancehall al estilo panameño si haces algo con estos acordes no dudes en mostrarme, te lo agradecere muchisimo
Description : taken from my latest track. link on profile
Description : Enjoy the loop! Check out my profile *about me*
Description : ........
Description : This is so heat, send me your links , and who wants to collab?? get at me on instagram @smokey.jam
Description : Enjoy :)
If you have made a song with this loop, let me know it in the comments, that I can hear it, pls.
Description : F# Major
Dancehall from Panamá
Description : Este acompaña al anterior
Panama Dancehall (The Real Latin Dancehall)
Description : A Minor
Description : made in nexus
Description : Made with Fruity Loops (FPC)
Description : Dancehall Panama
Description : just a simple drumloop.
Description : Timestretch to fit your bpm
Description : Made with Oatmeal and basic64 (VST-Synths) in Cubase. Hope the category fits the bill.
Loops 1 - 25 of 263
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