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Description : If you can do something with this loop, consider it a collab. Everything split down the middle. Let me hear what you can do!
Description : dancehall drumloop
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Description : A viby Thing.
Description : 140bpm,Dm Brass Loop - Old Tape Style brass. FL Studio.

Use as needed. Peace.
Description : just some 707 drums.
Description : AfroTrap Pluckloop
Description : heres some dope dancehall/reggaeton drums
Description : Part 2 Variant of the drums I uploaded earlier!
Description : Hey, peeps! Been a while!

Made some drums akin to those used in Dancehall, Moombahton, or Reggaeton music. I hope that you guys'll find a use for it! Do enjoy and much love as always!

Software Used: Studio One Artist 3
Description : Dancehall L.A VIIBES
Description : Kick, Snare, Percussion, Stick, Hat & Tom
Description : Made with fl
Description : An eerie, irie, and highly catchy dancehall beat.
Description : KEY: F-maj
TEMPO: 118bpm
more tropical sounds
Description : KEY: C-min
TEMPO: 104bpm
some tropical house
Description : I think it is good for dancehall tracks but maybe you can use it for something else.
send me your tracks with this loop if you want
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : Major lazer type pluck
Description : Low-key sounds like something on More Life. Layered plucks with some delay and reverb.
Description : dancehall
Description : Sounds like some pnd or drake type of drums... enjoy.
Description : Share if you use it !
Description : Share if you use it !
Description : Share if you use it !
Loops 1 - 25 of 229
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