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Description : Synth spooky loop

Description : orchestral loop

Description : A steam locomotive chugs right by you.

Description : soundscape

Description : Hope usable

Description : Used Roland HandSonic HPD-20

Drums from various countries

Enjoy, link your creation down below!

Description : Movie sequence que 1 percussive addition. Useful for various types of projects. Sci-Fi works well and most BGM soundtrack types. Use your imagination I'm sure there is plenty more options. Enjoy.

Description : Movie Seq Choir Pad is great for Horror Mystery type Ambient BGM for your usage. Experiment and try out other sides of these varied tonalities.

Description : Misc piece useful for ambient mystery BGM type works but works for multiple scenarios. Sci-Fi works great!

Not sure the key of this loop but if you do spot the correct form let me know, thank you. Enjoy.

Description : The key is C Harmonic minor and the chord progression is Cm Ddim Cm G

Description : used spitfire audio

Description : Dark like piano. Could be cinematic and also hip hop. Pls link your work below.

Description : A male chorus sings a rousing march chant.

Description : Hope usable

Description : A female ghost sings in a long-abandoned abbey. 8 seamless bars.

Description : Made in Contrabass

Description : Put projects in comments!

Description : Melodic DRAKE type song feat Polo G. Ill upload everything in separate files as well.

Description : pad loop

Description : Hope usable

Description : Two seamless bars of a steaming nuclear reactor core ambience.

Description : A choir of mysterious Venusian women beckon you to their planet.

Harmonies: C------B/C

Description : Hope this fits also

Description : Hope this fits.

Description : Made using LABS by Spitfire Audio.

Loops 1 - 25 of 2189
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