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Description : By ROUK1

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Cheyenne theme

Description : Cinematic Trap Loop. Ive had beatblock since christmas. hopefully ya'll like this? [MADE USING DUNE 2]

Description : Hope usable

Description : there is the contra layer to my strings, same key, same tempo BUT
contra bass
f key

enjoy :D

Description : Thi is a reupload, the other one got taken down for layering the sounds. Don´t worry, i´ll upload the layers seperately.

Just some fast strings that sound like all hope is lost.
f key in mixolydian scale

enjoy :D

Description : A Hammond B3 organ plays a drone-like improvisation based around B minor, at a slow, meditative tempo. Kinda creepy-sounding.

Description : I'm back again, uploading two samples in a row.
This is a second loop of the same tempo but different chords.
This might fit with heavy metal (I'm not guaranteeing) for people who want to add a symphonic element to their song.

Description : I made this loop using the free programme MuseScore I used Baritone,Tenor and Bass voices to create this loop. I added some reverb to give it a full sound using audacity. please show me what you've created. This could work with heavy metal.

Description : Ambient/Atmospheric Pad Loop, Mix n Match, Use as needed for background ambiance or filler spaces. Good solo moment feel too. Welcome to the "Winter Storm"

Chords Used - C#Maj7, CMaj13, D13, FMaj

Description : It's me again.
Here's some variety if you like loops of this same category.
Hope it's usable.
Please link below what you do with it. I'm very interested to hear how it sound

Description : it's me again.
Here's another loop of the same category which is part of a loop pack I'm working on.

Description : A sequence loop made for cinematic chiptune purposes, like for video games and such.

Description : Made with Roland cloud synth. Enjoy

Description : some beatiful strings. Not much to say about it

C Key in Lyrian Scale

enjoy :D

Description : wobbly bass thing

Description : make with Sakura using chinese strings, violin #6, and STR les paul clean FG with gross beat

Description : Huge anthem brass loop 134 BPM, lemme know whatchu think, link me to your track if you use this, I wanna see whatchu do!! Saluuute!!!

Description : Somebody died. 126 bpm

Description : If this was a movie somebody just won a battle or sum haha, idk, lemme know whatchu think, more loops on the way, salute!!

If you use this loop, link your track in the comments, I wanna see what you do!!!

Description : Let me know what you did with this in the comments.
leave the link, thanks

Description : Bluisy

Loops 1 - 25 of 2018
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