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Description : Warm Harp Chord Hits. First Loop. Show me what you got.
Description : synth loop
Description : Piano and pads from Unconditional Surrender. Chords go: C-Ab-Eb-Bb.
Description : Deep piano sound from Unconditional Surrender. Chords go: Cm - Ab - Eb - Bb
Description : Idk lol
Description : Thank God. drop me ur beats/songs.
Description : synth loop
Description : Sometimes you cant go left
Description : Another one I made
Description : Was just learning to make lofi type pianos
Description : Messing around with more Omnisphere sounds
Description : Avenger Vst
Description : all love
Description : I was working on a music box patch in Omnisphere and was using this loop to play around with the sounds. I'm tired of hearing it now. lol
Description : synth loop
Description : Enjoy!
Description : A Locrian scale -7 . Enjoy
Description : A Locrian scale -7 semitones . Enjoy
Description : "if you use this, let me know"
I could say this to fake people too about my feelings lol
Description : Lemme Hear Your Work
Description : Lemme hear your work!!
Description : Lemme hear your work!!
Description : Do As Title Says You Robot
Xpand 2/Camel Crusher/PanoMatic/ Gross Beat
Description : Feel free to use for anything, please let me hear what your final results are. Also let me know what you would like to hear next! And everyone thanks for using my loops and commenting links to your beats. Shit is fire, appriciate it! Info on my page to contact me!
Description : Dexed Vst Low Budget Dance Piano
Loops 76 - 100 of 3890
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