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Description : played on casio ca-100

let me see what you come up with

also sounds pretty nice at like 160bpm
Description : Bring me back to life
Description : Bereaved
Description : made this by randomly putting some stuff together
Description : Reload with no synth layer
Description : made in nexus
Description : Made with Nexus
Description : Chord progression similar to what the strings in First of the Year play. Jazzed up and added reverb to create a ballad.
If you want the midi or a dry version just let me know.
Rest in beats X.
Description : Tag me in you work hmu for exclusive loops
Description : Made with 3x osc and added some trippy LFO fx.

Cool for some rnb or chill out stuff.

Chords: Gbmaj7, Ebmin7
Description : Morbid
Description : Made with nexus (strings+piano+pads preset) exploring new chords. Leave ur work in the comments, I will be happy to support it.
Description : you guys are the best
Description : Super simple, but made me think of some X sad x type shi
Description : rip to xxxtentacion, you were one of my biggest inspirations and I'll always remember you.
Description : Everything
Description : Last one XDDD just clearing my old loops
Description : one more lofi
Description : Old loop I made
Description : love love love this community
Description : Show me what you have done
Description : luw urself okeh
Description : Some simple but wavy bells. Leave me a link!
Description : Atmospheric synth stuff. Have fun and show me what u made of! :)
Description : piano loop
Loops 1 - 25 of 3857
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