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Description : played on casio ca-100

let me see what you come up with

also sounds pretty nice at like 160bpm
Description : At last i'm making my track (fairy tales) drop loop public! Let's see what you guys make! Feel free to use in anyway! Just share what you made! Fits well with Future Bass and Melodic DUBSTEP. ELSE ON YOU ;)
Description : Bring me back to life
Description : Bereaved
Description : made this by randomly putting some stuff together
Description : Reload with no synth layer
Description : made in nexus
Description : Made with Nexus
Description : Chord progression similar to what the strings in First of the Year play. Jazzed up and added reverb to create a ballad.
If you want the midi or a dry version just let me know.
Rest in beats X.
Description : Tag me in you work hmu for exclusive loops
Description : Made with 3x osc and added some trippy LFO fx.

Cool for some rnb or chill out stuff.

Chords: Gbmaj7, Ebmin7
Description : Morbid
Description : Made with nexus (strings+piano+pads preset) exploring new chords. Leave ur work in the comments, I will be happy to support it.
Description : you guys are the best
Description : Super simple, but made me think of some X sad x type shi
Description : rip to xxxtentacion, you were one of my biggest inspirations and I'll always remember you.
Description : Everything
Description : Last one XDDD just clearing my old loops
Description : one more lofi
Description : Old loop I made
Description : love love love this community
Description : Show me what you have done
Description : luw urself okeh
Description : Some simple but wavy bells. Leave me a link!
Description : Atmospheric synth stuff. Have fun and show me what u made of! :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 3858
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