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Description : KEY: A-min
TEMPO: 100bpm
just deal with it

Description : A nice melodic guitar loop for some chill trap beats. Link me something creative

Description : Hope you can use it !
If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.
Also are you interested by a preset kit for some vst ? I'm working on something for omnisphere 2

Description : Made this in like 2017 in LA. Idk the Key. Go crazy for me

Description : Something smooth

Description : Enjoy it (; / dont forget to share your work , i know issa banger so i droped dat stuff from exclusive pack ))
also i make personal loops

Description : Working on a 25-50 loops pack 'Back To School'. Heres a freebie

Description : We hope you can find this useful! Please enjoy & feel free to contact us with any questions!

Description : Birdsong loop

Description : FIRST POST

Description : Absolutely great for intros

Description : Dynamic strings loop with a hint of reverb. Meant to sit in the background of the accompanying piano loop, so be sure to grab that as well!

Chords: / Gm7 Eb9 / Dm7 Cm9 :/

Description : Dampened piano loop with a hint of distortion. Grab the background strings loop as well!

Chords: / Gm7 Eb9 / Dm7 Cm9 :/

Description : Show me the heat that yall make with this
HMU for Midi or custom loops, looking for artists to produce and mix and master for

Description : D Major Pentatonic, super calm/chill. I've been on that Sakura train lately, some fire presets in that program. Sakura for the chords and toxic for the melody. Other misc used as well. Post what you do.

Description : Enjoy my loop - Shout me out if you use this please and ill continue to make more.

Description : Matches well with the Piano Sample I just uploaded

Description : Show me your creativity...

Description : Key: D# major

Bpm: 140

comment your work

Description : Chilling drums groove.

Description : The drum and 808 pattern to the loop i uploaded earlier. COMMENT PLEASE

Description : Over my dead body- Drake melody without the phaser

Description : Remade the melody of Over My Dead Body-Drake in my DAW. It doesnt sound exactly the same, which is good I guess so y'all can use it.

Description : Piano part for my previous loop

Description : I couldn't find the sample J cole used on the beat so I decided to recreate the melody and drums on Fruity Loops. I used the Skerratt London piano plugin for this. Comment if you want me to upload the drum pattern and 808 for the rest of the beat!

Loops 1 - 25 of 4714
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