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Description : let me know ur work with my loops i wanna hear how it came out thankss
Description : show me the music u making with my loops ill apriciate
Description : Grey skies, autumn leaves and empty parkway.
Description : A simple Rhodes piano chord progression that I made. Tell me if you use it, I would love to hear it!
Description : FMaj - D#Maj, idk wtf to do with this so have fun! Feel free to show me what you make with it
Description : Been really inspired by joji lately, just made these drums in his style. Show me what you make
Description : Guitar sound from Ogun and synth pluck from Morphine
Description : My third one, hope ya'll like. I always listen to the comments
Description : synth loop
Description : synth loop
Description : F Minor Key
Description : Hope usable
Description : Hit me with what you made
Description : Bass Synth Created with Maschine Jam
Description : KEY: A-min
TEMPO: 78bpm
enjoy, ball-bags. lol
Description : chill out synth loop
Description : Pleasant for Future Bass.
Description : bells loop
Description : Willing to hear what anyone can do on this alternative sound
Description : dub, reggae, chill out...
Description : synth loop
Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : KEY: D-min
TEMPO: 82bpm
grossbeat and harmor
Description : KEY: C-min
TEMPO: 136bpm
Harmless keys
Description : Hope usable
Loops 1 - 25 of 3427
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