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Description : detuned sounding piano keys
Description : Again I made loop with FL Studio 12 with grand piano in DirectWave and iZotope Vinyl.
Enjoy and share to me your works!
Description : Pad secret sauce
HMU for collab
Description : You are welcome
Description : show me what you have done
Description : KEY: G-min (detuned)
TEMPO: 80bpm
keys destroyed
Description : Lemme see what you got...
Description : I made this with FL Studio 12 with grand piano in DirectWave. I use full free iZotope Vinyl plug-in for this too. Enjoy and share to me your works!
Description : 8 bar Rhodes loop, but it alternates each bar between 3/4 and 4/4 time. Recorded and dirtied up in Logic X.
I'd love to hear what drum pattern/instrumentation you can write to fit this. Or chop it up and fit it to a more conventional time signature!
Description : earl vibe. 73 bpm
Description : chill out
Description : 81 bpm
Description : Link me a track :)
Description : Aria Player
Description : hmu if u make something with this, the chords are: Ebm7b5 - DMaj7 - EMaj7 - C#m7
Description : show me what u can make with this
Description : someone make a petition for adding a rhodes category
Description : KEY: F-min
TEMPO: 156bpm
Description : let me know if u uked this, i muted the strings with a sweatshirt string so im unique.
Description : let me know if u used this, if its even usable
Description : The first piano melody from Chance The Rapper - Same Drugs
Description : Purity vst : Nymph EP Pad
Description : A simple Bell loop
Description : it's a pretty simple melody made with the mallets on fl.
if you guys make anything feel free to link it in the comments and ill check it out.
Description : I made this loop in FL Studio 12 using Omnisphere.
Feel free to post the link to what you've made with this loop in the comments.
Enjoy :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 3957
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