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Description : Melody

Description : hope you can use it:)

if you do, send me a link :)

Description : piano loop

Description : Liquid Dubstep Chill Beat

Description : muh tuba b r o k e

Description : yea okay oo

Description : chill pad loop
link me what you create :)
A minor melodic

Description : Made with Omnisphere and Vocals

Description : Beyond

Description : Used FL Studio 20 and 3x Osc to make crackle and melody for the loop. Please link the song if used, it would be great to hear!

Description : From FLS12, Sakura, E-keys 8.5 with reverb, delay and wish wash effect

Show what you can do with this one!

Description : Made with Omnisphere

Description : Emaj7/Cmaj7/Dmaj7 , Emaj7/Cmaj7/Gmaj7/Fmaj7. Made by Electrax

Description : I used a metronome this time, and fixed up slight timing issues in Ableton, very light compression chorus and delay... IN A Minor... recorded with a Fender TBucket and Yamaha Audio Interface.

Description : May be hard to put drums to. Good luck

Description : Bought a usb audio interface for guitar recording... played 8 bars of guitar, fixed up a little in ableton... applied effects, hope it comes in useful to someone

Description : Some spacey chords made with Sytrus!
150 BPM and in the key of Cmin

Description : Great melody with some effects like delay, flange and more!

Show me what you can do with this one!
Synth from sakura in FLS12

Description : I WANT LINKS

Description : It's from a beat I never finished but I hope you guys can. And as usual, feel free show me what you made with it.

Chords: Abmin9 - F#maj7

Description : send ur work, hope u enjoy it.

Description : did they change the font on here or am i just tweekin

Description : All Strings

Description : I was gonna make a beat off this but I couldn't think of anything so i'mma put it here and see how what you guys (the people who download this) can do.

Description : synth for upcoming song

Loops 1 - 25 of 4146
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