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Description : some epiano chords I did.
Description : an ambient melody on guitar
Description : Share your creations
Description : can you show me what you d0?
Description : Share your creations..Made in Fl Studio 12
Description : KEY: Eb-min
TEMPO: 150bpm
Description : Made this in Logic Pro X. Enjoy!
Description : Rhodes chopped.. Enjoy
Description : KEY: D-min
TEMPO: 160bpm
Harmor lead
Description : This sample loop is from my song Run.

contact me to here oringinal track.

I used a special massive preset because massive is such a good plugin.

i would like to hear your guys track if possible.
Description : A lofi rhodes chord progression
Chord used are C5 major7/F5 major7/C5 major7/D5 minor7/G5 minor7
Hope you can use it :D
Description : synth loop
Description : Have you ever heard of this thing called delay? WELL NOW YOU HAVE. This loop is literally nothing more than echo. I hope that someone doesn't notice and is very impressed. Made in FL Studio 12.1 using, well, delay. Key is F major or D minor. Tempo is 122 bpm. Chords are as follows: F - Dm7 - Am - C [repeat]. Pls let me know what you are doing with my loops, I love to hear your work. - Mr. Spook'd
Description : that how we relax hehe
Description : can you show me what you do with this?
Description : Piano For Post Malone Instrumental Made With Nexus 2
Description : Post Malone Type Instrumental Made With Nexus 2
Description : Another day, another loop. Let's see what you guys can do... This is part of my Rapbeat80 on my SC spotlight! Click the link in my profile if you want to hear the full beat. Enjoy!
--- Click my profile pic for more info! ---
Description : It's weird the first time you listen to it, but once you get to know it, it's still weird. Easily one of the more complex drumloops I've put together. Made in FL Studio 12.1 using delay. Lots of delay. Tempo is 122 bpm. I'm curious about your creations, please let know! - Mr. Spook'd
Description : Hope usable
Description : Sytrus + Xpand FL Studio Synth Loop
Description : Sytrus
Description : guitar loop
Description : $ad boyz
show me what you make :D
i need some inspiration :P
Description : KEY: Eb-min
TEMPO: 134bpm
Form pads
Loops 1 - 25 of 3563
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