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Description : Classic Hiphop-Boom Bap Drum Loop 6

Description : Some oldschool drums, Pretty simple stuff. Add extras where you see fit!

Enjoy, Msg me for loops and stuff

Description : bit ch wtf is thsi?

Description : Saw the riot loop posted the other day and i used it and remade the drums too, you you guys enjoy

xxxtentacion, riot, drums

Description : KEY: C-min
TEMPO: 160bpm

Description : Classic Hiphop-Boom Bap Drum Loop 5

Description : i was holding out on you guys with the lead for my last loop. Send me what you make

Description : im using it too, drop link please. I like to hear other people's songs

Description : Piano Chords recorded on my Roland FP-30, great for Boom Bap songs
Please send links to your songs, thanks

Description : Let's take it back to the 90's

Description : leave what you make below.

Description : Comment below the song you used it in

Description : Made in Logic Pro X

Description : Sounds like something from NWA, Ice cube, Dre, Eazy-E and other 80's and 90's west coast rappers beats

Description : 89 BPM

Description : hope U like let me know what u did

Description : My failed J. Dilla attempts

Description : Let me hear your work!

Description : just messin around, have fun w it.

Description : leave what you make below.

Description : Use the corolla hihat from Nick Mira's Supersonic drumkit

Description : The title says enough, enjoy!

- Jay-R

Description : More Drums Loops? Check My Bio! Free sample packs on my blog!

Description : G# Major Pentatonic, Pretty dope in my opinion. Anything sounds good in that scale, in my opinion.

Description : Recorded guitar preset + time stretching

Loops 1 - 25 of 142
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