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Description : Hardstyle 4EVA`
melody`s 4 LIFE

Greetz and Good Luck
made whit Nexus and Fl studio 9
Dj Terrormaster

Description : A sound I made using Fl Sytrus. Screech like sound that I thought would be perfect for a hardcore/hardstyle track.

Description : It's a hardstyle loop I made with the vst Sylenth 1. Hope U Enjoy it;)

Description : This loop is really Canblaster-ish. Bouncy with 12th notes and all.

Description : I made this loop with vst Z3ta+

Description : I made this loop with the plugin z3ta+

Description : It's once again a Hardstyle Kick loop,

Description : It's a hardstyle kick made by myself, Vst: Hydra

Description : nice hardstyle kick

Description : Same as Hardstyle Saw1i just removed a mono effect,giving it the full melody Allowing it to fit nicely on top of a 4x4 beat or as a fill in a buildup.

Description : Another one of my very first loops for you this is 1 of 2. Mono effect and no mono which removes chops in loop2.Done with vanguard.Its got a dark melody goes well with hardstyle or possibly a trance track.

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description :

Description : Just a Loop i made in FL Studio 8, feel free to use.


Description : Techno Bass a bit distorted nice to use even in hardstyle tunes.

Description : high hard style melody

Description : it's a hard style beat

Description : Created in reason 4

Description : A simple hardstyle drum.

Description : Another plain Hardstyle Kick Loop, Quick kick at end

Description : Just a plain Hardstyle Kick Loop

Description : reason 4

Loops 501 - 525 of 532
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