Description : Orchestral Loop in C# - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. MORE LOOPS, CONTACTS (Facebook, Youtube, Email) and FAQs are on my profile page! Thanks

Orchestra Premium - The Gate by MINOR2GO has received 27 comments since it was uploaded.

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

  1. Emrehancer03
    Emrehancer03 on Tue 27th Aug 2019 - 1 month ago

    11.2K downloads?? U whot mate

  2. Florobeats
    Florobeats on Thu 18th Jul 2019 - 2 months ago

    posted the wrong link sry, thats the right one

  3. Florobeats
    Florobeats on Thu 18th Jul 2019 - 2 months ago hard af m8! ty

  4. DonDaDax
    DonDaDax on Fri 10th May 2019 - 5 months ago

    Hard sample)
    Check my beat)

  5. Sonietta
    Sonietta on Mon 6th May 2019 - 5 months ago

    Congratulations ... your sounds are my favorites !!! Thank you!!!

  6. korrydavis6
    korrydavis6 on Fri 12th Apr 2019 - 6 months ago

  7. alyance
    alyance on Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    dope sample

  8. joelebeau
    joelebeau on Fri 15th Mar 2019 - 7 months ago

    I sampled this a long time ago

  9. cmdowling
    cmdowling on Thu 7th Feb 2019 - 8 months ago

    amazing sample sir... would love to know what you think


  10. diggseddie11
    diggseddie11 on Thu 17th Jan 2019 - 9 months ago It's Track 1!

  11. TwoKayDaProducer
  12. perdiemco
    perdiemco on Mon 27th Aug 2018 - 1 year ago

  13. AnDruu
    AnDruu on Sat 9th Jun 2018 - 1 year ago

    A little something I put together with you Loop.

  14. YoungButSmart
    YoungButSmart on Wed 16th May 2018 - 1 year ago

    Thanks for your Loop, i did a beat with it i'll post it later. Is this Loop royalty free though? Because when i wanted to upload my beat to YT i got the message that my video contains some copyrighted Music:/

    Reply by MINOR2GO


    If you make a song with my loops you have the copyrights on the full song. The copyrights on the single loop stay at me and the loop stays royality free. This means, all other people still can use this loop for their music. All loops i made by my own. I create the loops purposeful for looperman. Cause all loops on looperman are royality free to use for all, there should be no problems for you. Cause many ppl download and use the same loops from looperman and upload their projects on youtube, it is possible that youtube sends a wrong copyright claim, cause another one downloaded the same loop and claims the rights. This is a failure of youtube and you can resolve this by sending the link of the loop that you have used to youtube with the notice, that the loop is royality free. This will solve the problem.

    Cheers Martin

  15. shifty12
    shifty12 on Mon 5th Feb 2018 - 1 year ago

    Check it out!

    Thanks so much for the sample! It really helped bring in emotion to the song..

  16. IvanBeatz
    IvanBeatz on Fri 18th Nov 2016 - 2 years ago

  17. Osofamiliar19
    Osofamiliar19 on Sun 6th Nov 2016 - 2 years ago

    we have to work email me

  18. JujuKeY
    JujuKeY on Fri 2nd Sep 2016 - 3 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the sample !
    This is the first beat I made so let me know what you think :)

  19. atmelcool
    atmelcool on Thu 4th Aug 2016 - 3 years ago

    Leave a comment here until later give a link to my work + your sample ...

  20. atmelcool
    atmelcool on Wed 27th Jul 2016 - 3 years ago

    Оставлю коментарий здесь пока, позже дам ссылку на мою работу + ваш семпл...

    Reply by MINOR2GO

    Thanks for your message mate, but I sadly cant read your language.
    Greetings Martin

  21. TonyPsyKing
    TonyPsyKing on Fri 22nd May 2015 - 4 years ago

    Dude keep up the good work check it out let me what you think thanks

  22. ThelB
    ThelB on Wed 26th Nov 2014 - 4 years ago

    Incredible loop,will definitely use this one.Nice work man

    Reply by MINOR2GO

    Many thanks ThelB :)
    You are welcome.

  23. anc
    anc on Sat 27th Sep 2014 - 5 years ago

    I ve been on a little hiatus dealing with life but i got some plans for this one keep up the good work!!!

    Reply by MINOR2GO

    thank you anc, i wish you all the best from here.
    Have a great day, Martin

  24. SemiTone
    SemiTone on Thu 25th Sep 2014 - 5 years ago

    we used this and it was awesome loop to deal with... not yet the final tho ...

  25. ThaBeast
    ThaBeast on Wed 17th Sep 2014 - 5 years ago

    Beast mode!!! talk soon

    Reply by MINOR2GO

    You are welcome. Thank you ThaBeast.

  26. DailyProblems
    DailyProblems on Wed 17th Sep 2014 - 5 years ago

    This sounds big, maybe i will use this soon ;)

    Reply by MINOR2GO

    I feel very honoured. Many thanks

  27. Matthew41
    Matthew41 on Tue 16th Sep 2014 - 5 years ago

    Strong sound,dramatic.

    Reply by MINOR2GO

    thanks a lot thresh :)

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Description : a little orch loop i created i layered a few instruments on top of each other the first 8 bars you can use that thru your song the second 8 bars i made so you can use as a hook or the other way around how ever you see fit. enjoy 100.

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