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Description : Hope usable
Description : Hope usable
Description : show me if u use this
Description : hmu if u make anything with this
Description : would sound cool an octave down, lemme know if u use this
Description : If you use the loop, send me what you've made! I would really love to hear it. Contact me if you have any questions or want any custom loops.
Description : This was a USER REQUEST, feel free to request stuff in comments I check them out and do them when I have time
Description : Since the R&B loops aren't hitting, this might be my last Rhythm & Blues sample loop...
Description : Just did this for fun lmao, goes together with organ
Description : Japanese flute... Searching for some unique sounds and VSTs.
Description : This is so heat, send me your links , and who wants to collab?? get at me on instagram @smokey.jam
Description : This shi makes me sad like fr
Description : Decent, It kind of sounds generic. Check out my Tracks
Description : Let me know how you use that loop!

These are english staccato horns
Description : English horns for you guys, let me know what you made with it
Description : Hope usable, for more my daily updates, visit my looperman profile
Description : Hope usable, for more my daily updates, visit my looperman profile
Description : Thank you to everyone who appreciates my loops! I know you guys are cooking up some real magic...
Description : Little Xylophone with slight panning. Made with Battery 3 in Cubase
Description : Horns, horns, horns! This gave me A$AP Mob feels.
Description : Purple 69 Mallet made by maudeebeats .140 BPM .software FL STUDIO
Description : Trap Piccolo in F minor. 1 of 4
Description : Loop I made for a new beat I'm working on, decided to share
The loop was made with Kontakt
Description : Didnt know what to do what this flute so here you go. lmk what you make with this im curious on what people can make with it since i couldnt do nothing with it
Description : Soulful/bluesy riff played on a 1954 Conn 10m
Loops 1 - 25 of 554
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