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Description : Thank you to everyone who appreciates my loops! I know you guys are cooking up some real magic...
Description : Little Xylophone with slight panning. Made with Battery 3 in Cubase
Description : Horns, horns, horns! This gave me A$AP Mob feels.
Description : morphine bottle blow
Description : Purple 69 Mallet made by maudeebeats .140 BPM .software FL STUDIO
Description : Trap Piccolo in F minor. 1 of 4
Description : Loop I made for a new beat I'm working on, decided to share
The loop was made with Kontakt
Description : Didnt know what to do what this flute so here you go. lmk what you make with this im curious on what people can make with it since i couldnt do nothing with it
Description : Soulful/bluesy riff played on a 1954 Conn 10m
Description : Hope usable
Description : Trap Loop made in FL Studio
Description : Yep, another collection of Riff Machine Loops.
Originality = 0
Also, Just add some reverb and delay.
Description : The final piece to my Riff Machine 1 Collection.
Made on FL Studio 12 Demo.
Description : 80bpm,F#m. FL Studio. WoodWind GP - Grand Bassoon. Misc Piece. Use as needed, share alike. Enjoy, Peace.
Description : Chinese Synth Flute Loop 120 BPM Key D
Description : Chinese Synth Flute Loop 120 BPM Key D
Description : ... Retro Whistling, Custom
Description : 8 seamless bars of a bouncy jazz riff, brisk tempo, played in three octaves by 2 flutes and a tenor sax, in a 1950's Bebop style.

Implied harmony: F Harmonic Minor
Description : A saxophone section plays a percussive rock/boogie rhythm.

Implied harmony: E (no third)
Description : Whistler chord progression #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : I Sampled Part Of The Floran Theme From Starbound, And Edited It. Hope Its Useful.
Description : High quality Horn Loop. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : The echo was so bad af! You guys lit! If you are going to use it leave a link of your work. For more Info check my profile page or dm me on Facebook! Cheers!
Description : I dont know if its good enough to be here...but I found a old free vst with crappy Quality but nice sounds and that What I make out of 2 of this sounds...THIS FITS TO THE FX I WILL UPLOAD...
made with the same vst...however if this will not reach some downloads I will delete it.
Say what you think about this and dont forget to leave a link if u use this
Loops 1 - 25 of 541
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