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Description : destrutible

Description : SHTSHTSHT

Description : same song

Description : I'M BACK this bassline is for my new song "Aliens"

Description : Made On FL Studio Key E

Description : I figured the sidechained one wouldn't be used as much, also I'm still very sorry twice dimension xd

Description : Absolutely insane dubstep bass. Good for pre-buildup sections after an intro. Enjoy!

Description : I'm not dead! also, sorry TwiceDimension by using a part of your bass just really pitched up, pls dun hurt me

Description : Finally My First of many uploads,
Serum X Toxic Biohazard

Description : SHT SHT SHT


Description : Made with 4 Serum Custom preset.


Description : that's sub is beautiful...

Description : Wob number two.

Description : Created with custom Serum presets i have made by my own.

Description : Some riddim style drums to go with the bass wobble I made. :D

Description : One day, I got on my computer, and made a bass loop.
Usually its not that simple XD give a link if you use it. I'm curious to see what people might create out of it.

Description : This loop is G MINOR. Used Alchemy in Logic Pro X to make this one. No the synth isnt broken but ir has a ripping sound to it to make your tracks bounce! Post your links!

Description : More stuff I'd made but decided not to use.

Description : More stuff I'd made but decided not to use.

Description : fbfdn hfmgcxfbfxn

Description : it's a drop

Description : harmor rere samples

Description : frgebdbetbgdbeabf YES I'M STUPID

Loops 51 - 75 of 2640
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