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Description : 12 bar 4/4 CELLO CHORDS COLLECTION. Enjoy!

Description : lucid violin last part of melody comment work below love yall

Description : Lmao accidentally uploaded "virgin" sample instead of "violin" sample where I made a dubstep loop from the "no don't do it I'm a virgin" meme jfc

Bass Notes:

Description : Arabic Violin Part 2

Description : Arabic Violin Part 1

Description : Fancy!

If you have used this loop, I would like to hear what you have created. Post your links in the comments. Thank You!

Description : I'm back got more on the wave...

Description : Overdose - Violin Pluck Hits - part 2

Description : Drunken Dragon - Chinese Erhu - Part 1

Description : Had to update the loop to fit Looperman's policy. Check out part 1 for the first half.

Comment me your beats. Let me hear it.

Description : get part 1
this is a fire loop

Description : some quentin tarantino shit right here show me what u make

Description : Double violino!

Description : Solo . I always said I love Deep Purple.
I really like this website so I created 222 loops for that and for you, Since september of 2015 ( when I was 16 years old ) until now.

Description : im like cuz look at you what i hate ohh
(wtf im little drunk)krunk haaha lol

Description : 1 of 3 Loops that go together
Split up so you can be creative with them
DSK Overture Violin

Goes with the Sad Main Piano and the Sad Counter Piano
Put them together, I promise it's beautiful

Description : For this, I used:
Harmor (Presets > Strings > String selection)

Description : Smiple cachty melody for trap

Description : High string pacing forward like Messi in Van Dijk

Description : Violin part of "Once Upon My Nightmare" Melody

Description : Sad violin, can be used for a chorus

Description : fruity loops

Description : I made this mainly for Lo-fi producers.
If you use it, upload it to Soundcloud or youtube,
Link your channel or account and I will check out your beat!

Description : blessed strings.

Description : Some random staccato violin. Good for anything.

It's panned to the left a bit, so to open up your mix, pan another element to the right.

Reverb is recommended.

Loops 51 - 75 of 538
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