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Description : Sorry for the clicks, the east west play vst sucks ass apparently
Description : Hope usable, for more my daily updates, visit my looperman profile
Description : Trying out the EastWest library strings
Description : Made in FL Studio. Aggressive sounding staccato violins. Good for aggressive sounding or Lex Luger type beats.
Description : Iconic
Description : Violin
Description : Violin Ensemble
8 Bars
Made with MMM Vita 2
120 bpm
Description : 4 Bars of a Violin loop, at 120 bpm
Created using Music Maker 2014; Vita 2 in Piano Roll notation
Description : E Major 100 bpm 4 Bars
Description : 8 bars of a Violin loop Eb (3 Flats-Eb Major/ C minor
at 70 bpm
Made with Music Maker 2014
Description : Loop for interludes, two violins
Description : Hope usable
Description : violin orchestral 3
120 BPM
Description : Feel free to use this loop and feel free to post a link to your beat if you use it. I'd like to see what y'all come up with.
Description : Violin playing notes G2-C3-B2-G# at 100BPM.
Description : .......
Description : been a while
Description : Sample i made using fl plugins ! enjoy
Description : Hope usable
Description : A# Double Harmonic Major Scale
Cinematic experibass taps. This loop is inspired by Black Panther. This is one of my first of many cinematic loops. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. for more information, please head to our bio.
Description : That sample was created with Renoise in realtime playing keyboard.
Description : VIOLINS. Have fun with it! :D
Description : Minale Violin YogeshST
Description : Just violin orchestral reeverb
Description : Just Violin Melody Companion Strings
Orchestral Companion Strings Sonivox VSTI PLUGIN
Loops 1 - 25 of 370
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