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Description : Violino vs vocal vs piano = cool loop :)

Description : jet ski

Description : Violin loop with lots of free space in beginning for your own ideas

Same violin played in staccato/pizzicato, short and sustained

Description : original song by. sting - shape of my heart
but who cares in hiphop?!
This is a violin loop of juice wrld - lucid dreams
or sting - shape of my heart...what ever
enjoy it ;)

Description : Spasibo parni(te 4TO s rashki)spasibo za podderzhku!

Description : Violin loop inspired by the Twin Peaks tv series. Please comment where used, cheers!

Description : pokazhi che sdelal bratuh

Description : 8 bars long of a violin tune.
Original by OR&R
Use freely

Description : chill vibes Loop made using keyscape sakura and grossbeat

Description : check out this violin melody i made with nexus 2.on fl studio 12. i hope its usable . you can leave a link of the song or beat made on the comment section, id love to listen. thank you.

Description : Hope usable, don't forget to show your work even if you think it sucks :)

Description : Dark Old Type Sample

Description : Strings in different articulations

If you need stuff for your youtube videos, short movies, games feel free to hit me up on my profile

Description : show me watch are you doing

Description : love song

Description : Same as the Jazzclub B minor, but in a different key; Db major (5 flats).
Use freely.

Description : show me watch are you doing

Description : Edirol cello's in FL

Description : EWQL Violins in FL

Description : All sounds are the same Violins, it just builds up and gets more dramatic, higher and lower octaves kick in

Goes together with Piano and Octave Up Thrilling

Description : Goes together with Piano and Violin Strings

Description : A special request of low notes only in the loop "JazzClub Violin Mix C".
This is actually key of Bb major (2 flats)

Description : show me what you're doing

Description : show me wath u do

Description : show me watch u do

Loops 1 - 25 of 462
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