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Description : Nice Melody.

Description : Synth loop that can be used to make a house track but can be used in different genres as well. The key of this loop is E Lydian.

Description : Bass Notes for 808: B, D, F#, E

Deep and full sounding melody made using Omnisphere and FL Studio 20. Includes verse portion and chorus portion. Let me know what you do with this one and an artist that you want to hear on it!

Description : Its Bedtime. Send what you make...

Description : Hope usable

Description : Created using Maschine 2.8.7.

Description : Plucky Melody.

Description : Awesome melody I've made. I haven't uploaded for a while but have plenty of melodies like this available if requested to upload more.

Description : Bass notes for 808 are: A#, C#, F

Deep and dark sounding melody with some even darker sound effects added. Let me know what you do with this one!

Description : Spacey Futuristic Synth

Description : Futuristic Plucked Synth

Description : Made in 2015

Description : made this one just in time for halloween. i made this by taking another user's sample ("wavy mallets 4" by flask) and tweaking it a bit.

i'd like to hear your final result. drop a link in the comments

Description : Made this in 2015

Description : I'm sure you will make a hit. I will be glad if you show your work) Any creativity is cool.

Description : Sorry-_-
I drank a lot of coffee

Description : A Chillz loop

Description : Cool Ambient Vibe could be used in many genres. Made in FL Studio using FLEX

Description : wavy groovy trap pad melody thing. Made in FLEX in FL Studio.

Description : Using logic pro x. Pls link what you make!

Description : Made with subtractive synthesizer and Tracktion Waveform DAW.

Tempo: 120 BMP
Beats: 16
Keys: CM, Dm7, Am, FM7

Description : New Loop!!!

Description : Realized with Fl Studio. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;)

Description : Deep and Sad sounding trap melody. Includes chorus and verse melody. Play with the pitch and add some crazy 808s to this one. Let me know if you do anything with this loop. I really want to hear.

Description : New Loop!!!

Loops 1 - 25 of 27359
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