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Description : if you use this, please drop a link in the comments!

Description : i never post something like this but i woke up at 7am and didnt have anything else to do. if you can make anything with it please comment. would be interesting to see if this is usable.

Description : Don't know what to do with this. Enjoy :)

Description : Hi everyone. I find this loop amazing and fullfiling. It is from one of my tracks but I decided to leave it here for you to play with.

Show me your beautiful tracks with this loop.

Chords are F#min7, C#min7

Description : Turning World 110bpm A Minor. Created with iZotope Iris 2.

Description : Summer Riff 120bpm A Minor. Created with Native Instruments Hybrid Keys and Psychic Modulation EchoMelt 2.

Description : Summer 120bpm A Minor. Created with Native Instruments Hybrid Keys and Psychic Modulation EchoMelt 2.

Description : Doses de Melodias '
Feito com o ArcSyn.
- Gostaria de ver o que você fez com o loop, se você puder e quiser me mostrar, agradeço.
Faça bom uso!

Description : I uploaded this a while back, I hope you enjoy it.

Description : aesthetic vibes

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Read a book, watching netflix, kiss your dog, just relax before the upcoming week. . .

Description : made in nexus

Description : - Idk why but i can picture Ski rapping over this, definitely suits Night Lovell tho.
-Share what you make!

Description : Enjoy check my profile for more.


Description : AN ELECTRIC KEYSCAPE. I do not have any suggestion. I know you will figure it out, and then use it.

Description : Show me what you make and check out my stuff in bio !

Description : Rhodes-y Keys with a happy yet mellow feel. Would love to hear what you did with it if used! Feel free to drop a link!

Description : if u use this send the link :D would love to hear it :D

Description : used these in my track keke on my soundcloud! smooth chords

Description : I remade this LEGENDARY part of a song that all Lofi artist would want to sample.

Description : Please link what you create

Description : Been a while but I been havin fun w/ the DPiano-E plugin. Sounds really smooth and realistic. Anyway if you end up usin it, Id love to hear what you made. Good for lofi hip hop, jazz rap, RnB Soul, or boom bap.

Chords: Fmin9, C#9add13 (i think), Bbmin9, C9

Loops 1 - 25 of 315
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