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Description : Send your work if you used this loop. :)

Description : Very happy vibraphones.

Description : This is what happens when you play the note C(-1) on a synth

Description : Description : You finding more some of these lofi organic drums on my earlier loops.

Want more of these foley drums with lofi beats? Please comment! I'm happy to do more of these! :D

I recording stuff in my house and making beats of it.

Description : Made a complex trap beat a while back, this is just a polished version without the bass.

Description : Nothing too complex here, just some simple hats.

Description : Idk. Maybe someone will find a use for it.

Description : Made it fooling around with the vox and lo-fi preset in effector.

Description : Read title.

Description : A simple trap bass.

Description : A simple trap bass.

Description : Something a little different.

Description : Something for the high frequencies

Please let me know what you think! :)

If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it! :)


Description : quick drum loop i made dat i couldnt fit a melody to
808 scale is E - A - D - D

Description : Trap style drums and 808..... Enjoy, create and have fun!

Description : wierd percussion hit strum chant loop

try some compression to control it
C#m 130 bpm

post if u use!

Description : recorded this while my sister was paying a parking meter at the beach. Sounds kinda cool.

Let me see if you use this in any way! Check my profile for my soundcloud

Description : Just a random cool hihats sound

Description : Vibraphone chords are morphed with water bubbles.

Harmonies: E7add9----A7add9

Description : Used Roland HandSonic HPD-20

Drums from various countries

Enjoy, link your creation down below!

Description : arpeggiated organ and kalimba
inspired by miksu & macloud

Description : Good for trap or Dubstep.

Description : send me a link if u use this

Description : Movie sequence que 1 percussive addition. Useful for various types of projects. Sci-Fi works well and most BGM soundtrack types. Use your imagination I'm sure there is plenty more options. Enjoy.

Loops 1 - 25 of 2221
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