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Description : Percussive loop - Glockenspiel about solitude to a souls release from his mission to burn all. 85 bpm,Dm. Happy story tells Peace!
Description : Hi if you use send me link thx ;)
Description : Metallic Mallet Lead no EQ or FX
Description : Mallet Lead (only used F and Am chords.)
Description : ...... 6lack type or something
Description : ......
Description : Steel Drums. 90 bpm. Key A#. Find me on SoundCloud for collab.
Description : Steel Drums. Key C. 120 bpm. Find me on SoundCloud for collab.
Description : Steel Drums. 140 bpm. Key C. Find me on SoundCloud for collab.
Description : This is a simple loop I made in FL Studio 12 and Audacity. Let me know,if and how you've used the loop if it fits into your project ;) Made with Percussion Samples ;)
Description : A chime musical box piano!! Try it out, recorded it at 90 bpm,D minor as always. Enjoy! Leave a link to where we can hear it, thank you.
Description : juzt some Bellz...leave a link if u use.
Description : MexikoDro/Beatpluggz New Wave
Description : trap drum loop
Description : FL Studio. 140 bpm,Dm. Ethnic Perc Loop. Visited a strange shop today, filled with old treasures. I called the place, the old mystic Jah Pawn Shop haha.
Description : some nice and sweet Music Box Loop. Leave some feedback and a link if you use this loop. love to hear it
Description : Fl Studio,Vst StudioLinked TrapBoom 2 Pro
Description : These loops are created with FL Studio 12 and split into stems
Description : These loops are created with Logic Pro X 13.0 and stemmed.
Description : A morphing cymbal loop that pans left and right.
Description : Part of the percussion I used in my new Oh Lord instrumental you can see on my track list or my soundcloud page. Hope you like it. Correct Tempo is 135 bpm at half speed / 67.5 bpm
Description : Simple Trap Sample Pack with Kick N Snare, HiHats, Synth N Brass and Chants. Check the other loops at my profile. Please comment, leave Feedback, and leave a link if you use this loop.
Description : Oriental percussion loop with a little Mpc groove to it. I hope you dig it N will share with me whatever you decide to do with this loop. Keep cooking, be grooving N make the best of it.
Description : REQUESTED BY ayayay123
Description : I think I have specialized in making Lofi Bells with vinyl effect and Love Filter :D .I put it into Trip Hop because this Genre Needs more Loops. ALL I WANT IS THAT YOU MAKE SOMETHIN OUT OF THIS..(Some really Trippin but Light Drum will be good...and not 808 - i hate it in Trip Hop -_-) cheers have a good day
Loops 1 - 25 of 1676
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