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Description : Do this to the Piano it´s Beautiful.. Used FL Studio 12
Description : Background sound up for you to mix n match as you see fit. Curious to what you can do with it. I always check all links shared, I just take a good minute to get back to you. I enjoy what yall can do, its inspiring. Thanks, Peace.
Description : For those who wanted the loop drumless XD
Description : Made in Studio One 3. Chill Vibe
Description : Voice Pad and bells loop.
Description : Chill emotional pad and synth chord progression. Leave a comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Dope chord progression and melody. Message me if you want the MIDI file.
Description : Strange pad loop at 90 bpm, Dm. Walking through old Down Town, smells like death 24/7. You can feel bad spirits linger there.
Description : Powerful chords, just need a mean 808 to cut through it like butter.
Description : In F minor.
Description : A piano and pad loop #3 Link your song if you use this loop ! :)
Description : Fl users hit me up for midi, possibly. Some ambient hip hop/ r&b keys with a Nexus instrument with a lp filter... Enjoy. PLEASE SHARE WHAT YOU MADE.
Description : Pad and bass loop. Trap loop. #2 Link your song if you use this loop ! :)
Description : Pad theme #1 Link your song if you use this loop ! :)
Description : So, I love coffee -Shinobic-
Description : Big swell pad with some nice bell type pluck melody on the second half. Sexy stuff!
Description : Cinematic style loops for you guys :D
Description : Detune bass, Make in 3osc
Description : This made me think of Big Sean for some reason. Dope pad layered with some subtle plucks.
Description : Sounds like a lucid dream. Would sound even better if you reversed it!
Description : ...can't you promote your Socialmedias on looperman? I thought looperman was made to help producers.
Description : I say that the rules for the description be a little more lenient. Since barely anyone uses it right :/ (Snapchat-click profile pic Yes there's 2 versions as always. Also shoutout to Alex Rome for the Chords!! -Shinobic-
Description : This could be such a banger with the right drums behind it! First half its just arp and pad chords, second half I added a melody on top.
Description : Uplifting key/pad chords inspired by the "DAMN." album. First half is chords only and second half is chords + melody.
Description : Hope you like it
Loops 1 - 25 of 2452
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