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Description : Hipster retro vibes
Description : giden pad
Description : nine chord pad
Description : ..............
Description : vibe pad
Description : crcle fiths 01
Description : Made with a lot of love
Description : Would love to see what Russ would do with this loop, bass chords are A,F and G#. Comment what you make!
Description : bass beat harmony 100bpm
Description : ..........
Description : reload pad
Description : pad churds 100bpm
Description : albino
Description : 100 bpm key G# see if you can work with this
Description : 135 key C# pad hopefully you guys like this one hit me with some feedback...
Description : 130 bpm key E let me here what you make more loops coming soon..
Description : If I recall correctly the chords are: Cm7 - D - Em7 - Cmaj7 Let me know what you've done with it
Description : -Shinobic-
Description : looks like shlohmo
Description : 808 pad
Description : choir 101 choir nexus ---key Am
Description : Simple arppegiated pad made in FL Studio 12, show me what you make!
Description : Sprung Spring - Glass Pad
Description : FL Studio. 83 bpm,D. Pad Loop - Love You The way you see me, its beautiful. I love your reality.
Description : i made this in fl 12 im 14 years old
Loops 1 - 25 of 2363
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