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Description : Lil Uzi Vert Type Arp - refX Nexus - Feel free to use for anything, please let me hear what your final results are. Also let me know what you would like to hear next! - Fits with the Lil Uzi Vert Type Bells
Description : G Minor (LF)
Description : drop a link if used
Description : I made in Massive this loop.
Description : Ambient pad with a dark vibe to it, I used it one of my songs and I figured I should share this. If you use it link it, I'd love to hear.
Description : Just a little pad made with Zebralette. Kind of a sad vibe to it.
Description : Bongos and soccer not included C#m (LF)
Description : I know someone can murder this. Link usage below so I can listen! I will listen
Description : post links below if you use it, i listen to everything :)
Description : Made with omnisphere
Description : Made with omnisphere
Description : Hip-Hop, Dark, Loop, Pad, Underground, Atmosphere
Description : Dark, Lo-Fi, Underground, Hip-Hop,Pad, Loop
Description : 67 bpm Dmin FL Studio Pad Loop Res Vs Sil. Theme. Film. Video Game. CGI.
Description : 84 bpm Dmin FL Studio. Pad Loop _ Jason Vs Michael idea theme. Killa Be Killed.
Description : Played in: Gmaj
Description : Lo-Fi, Hip-Hop, Underground, Dark, Pad
Description : A Metro Boomin x TM88 type pad/lead melody. BPM: 130
Description : pad loop
Description : KEY: F-min TEMPO: 90bpm
Description : Good Scale.
Description : pad loop
Description : Lil Uzi Vert
Description : This is what the world needs.
Description : Enjoy the loop.
Loops 1 - 25 of 2612
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