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Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm My fav chords
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 130bpm Some pads that I chopped, then reversed, then chopped again, then reversed
Description : Made in FL12. Please link your work, wanna see what you did with it.
Description : I drank grape juice while making this. Comment if you want the MIDI file.
Description : 90 bpm Dmin Pad Loop Dust Dark Times Equal Stories Try it
Description : weird stuff 3..
Description : Comment a link of your work if you'd like ;)
Description : 150 BPM, C Maj
Description : 120 bpm Dm Padded Loop - Sprinkle Pad. Reup.
Description : IMTLTWAD. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : 104 bpm Cm Pad Loop Sweet Dreams. Drifting off into space using FL Studio ha. Enjoy your sweet dreams.
Description : UNIVERSAL MINI-PACK! COLLECT ALL 7! In this pack, I briefly touch on Soul, Trap, Rock, RnB, Chill, Metal and whatever else genre you can place this in. I dropped the entire pack into fusion because it is a pack with different genre sounds. At 70bpm you can change the bpm signature to 140 without messing up anything. HMU you know!
Description : You're in a magical forest where your dreams come true...
Description : KEY: A-min detuned TEMPO: 140bpm weird subsampling for a meek mill type beat maybe
Description : KEY: A-min TEMPO: 140bpm some heavy sampling and keys in Toxic
Description : 130 bpm Cm Pad Synth Loop Whirl Pool. Heavenly father forgive us, lost in this whirlwind doin a hunned and ten, blastin my way through this life of sin.
Description : A Dark Ambient Loop. Played around with some sounds and freeze them. Let me know what you've done with this.
Description : Distance
Description : 90 bpm Dm Pad Loop Ambient. Useful for multi purpose projects. Enjoy.
Description : Ambient Chill pads, perfect for chill-out songs, or chill steps. Let me know if you use this in your tracks, I'd be glad to hear ! :D
Description : KEY: C#-min TEMPO: 140bpm heavy layers and sampling here
Description : Just messing around. Click my profile pic if your new -Shinobic-
Description : An arp made on Sylenth1 and some reFX Nexus choirs, then overeffected with ValhallaRoom and ValhallaShimmer. Now it's a pad. Cool and good. Please leave a link if you use this loop!
Description : B Minor (LF)
Description : ambience
Loops 1 - 25 of 2509
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