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Description : Throwaway Loop - Golf (D#) (Full) (Re upload)
Leave your creations below, i'd love to hear.
Tags - Tyler The Creator, Lil Mosey, Trap, Organ, Bells, Pad, xoboy

Description : The Dich

Description : Nasty Tyga Strip Club Organ Bassline

Description : Tell me your results ;)

Description : Send me your beats

Description : I am performing this on 6/8 time signature and not a 4/4 time signature. If your DAW or music system is set to a 4/4 time signature, this loop will not fully loop correctly. You must use a 6/8 and not a 4/4 because real Blues is setup this way some of the time on 6/8.

Description : COLLECT ALL SIX! Because I will be taking a break for a bit. These loops can be use in almost any genre with some creative thinking and abilities. All 6 are in E Major.

Description : testing my new controller jet ski skrrr

Description : testing my new controller jet ski skrrr

Description : Plugin: Alchemy, Instrument: Kalimba Morph. If you did something with the loop comment down below a link to it please I want to see what you did with it.

Description : skrr skrr

Description : 1. G# Maj M6 - A# Min M6 - D# Min 9 -D# Min 9
2. G# Maj M6 - A# Min M6 - D# Min 9 - F Min 7
if you make a beat with it just paste the link in the comments, i wanna see it! :-)

Description : first loop upload, hope I didn't mess it up

used Harmless sound engine with a speed up gate and phaser.

share your work if used, thx

Description : Hope usable. Please leave your links below so I can listen!

Description : 160 bpm
If you use this loop, comment with a link below so I can like & check it out!

Description : FL Studio 20

Description : FL Studio 20

Description : Would like to take a moment to thank everybody for 50000 downloads in just 2 and a half months,and for all the nice comments from u guys!
Would also like to apologize for not replying to comments been busy as hell,but took some time today and answered to all of them!(hope its all of them!

Description : Made with uf

Description : THE MUTHA LOAD! MAKE INSTANT HITS! This covers at least a dozen popular genres. With 18 loops in this pack you will be able to at least find one to use in your song. Chop it, flip it, reverse it, slow it down or speed it up. Your choice! Sell your royalty free song made from this pack and keep all of the dough you make.

Description : Upbeat percussive Hammond organ riff in the late 1960's style.

Implied Harmonies: E---E/A----E/Asus4---E

Description : The Twilight zone on some hard trap ish...

Description : Made with Harmless

Description : Nice sample if you use is please send me a link to your beat..
I'm interested in how you can use it thanks..

Description : Show your work in the comment :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 946
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