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Description : Been busy and traveling. Missing having more time to work on what I enjoy...
Description : B Locrian
Organ Synth. This loop is in the style of Lil Skies x Lil Candy Paint x Lil Mosey. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. For more information, please head to our bio.
Description : Used Synthmaster player, Izotope vinyl, W.A.production pumper and the hornet tape plugin, hope it's useful & would love to hear the final product
Description : Seksy
Description : Jazzy
Description : Movie
Description : Movie
Description : Holy 70s
Description : Classic chicago stack
Description : Sadness, the bpm is a little outrageous but you can slow it down. i just put a lot of hi hat rolls with reverb and tried to make it like losin control by russ. You can also half speed it to change up the melody.
Description : Check out my other loops and tracks. i suggest speeding it up and eqing it if you dont like the riddim style
Description : Stay Classy
Description : Got inspired from we dont luv em, lemme hear what you made
Description : Sounds different to most songs, used an arp to make it sound nice
Description : Goes together with Funk Drumloop
Description : Enjoy this Loop I Just Created Using Omnisphere & Dont't Forget To Read My Profile Please
Description : Db 7/9/11/13 scale . Enjoy
Description : untitled
Description : Organbell
Description : sounds like a sample, metro boomin style chord progression

Chords: C G F / C G# F
Description : Analog Lead
Description : Electric Organ
Description : E Phrygian
Dark Organ chords played by hand! This loop is in the style of The Weeknd x Nav. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. Check out our bio for more details!
Description : Made in Reason 10
Description : Something simple I had on my computer for a very long time. Does this sound R&B to you? Just wondering...
Loops 1 - 25 of 779
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