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Description : inspired by Ante Up - M.O.P. if you use this be sure to link the song in the comments.
Description : Cool sounding clav. If you use this, link the song in the comments, so i can take a listen.
Description : Enjoy
Description : Also Search for Guava Sync
Description : In the key oc C but chords are Cmaj7, Dmin, Amin, Emin. Loop I made intended for a slower hip hop song but it fizzled out and I never came back to it. Post links if you use it!
Description : Vintage organ sounds I put together using my Maschine mk3.
Description : LMK if you use it.
Description : Just made in Reason Hope someone can make use of it
Description : Do you like the loop? Leave me a comment;) Hi! :) If you use the loop, send me please your finished result link in the comments..and tag my your song please.°°***If you have a question, please look at my profile and click to link(FB).Thanks.
Description : add my snapchat to see how i make loops and beats: chainedbeats
Description : Used some fl stock plug ins. Let me hear what you did with it. Bass notes are G-E-B-B
Description : 8 seamless bars of a funky Hammond organ groove, beggin' for a cool beat beneath it and rap on top of it. Go!

Key: E Blues
Description : Have fun with it!
Description : Deep bass organ for deep house and trap. Please send a link to your track if you use it. Would love to hear your work.
Description : ye idk
Description : Reminds me of Lil Mosey. F# - Fmin progression.
Description : post link if used
Description : Just did this for fun, goes together with slidewhistle
Description : I get a chill East Atlanta Churchy kinda vibe from this loop, I played it myself.
Description : Loop made with sforzando.
Hope you like it!
Spotify playlist: Mixtape V4 Rap

Please send a link of what you made
Description : Made in FL-Studio 11
Description : Hit me up with what you make. hit me up for custom loops, email in profile
Description : These jawns drippin. Link me whatchu make!
Description : .....
Description : Hope usable, for more my daily updates, visit my looperman profile
Loops 1 - 25 of 801
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