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Description : ORGANS

Description : ORGANS

Description : upbeat hiphop

Description : some jazzy chords with the Undertale music

Description : street organ

Description : Email me or DM me on IG for more sounds or beats. Drop a comment of what you came up with.

Description : made my own melody then put it through fruity slicer and chopped it up.

link what you come up with please! :)

Description : my first loop.

Description : Made with the Organ preset on Sytrus

Description : bowed organ

Description : Rhode / Spy / Old School / Shuggy / Classic

Description : this is not the original, its a remake.

Description : Enjoy

Description : Atmospheric Organ in D minor. airy, flute-like

Description : F# minor
Bass notes are F#/C#/D/C#

Description : Omni Organ

Description : Just hit 1K on YT

Description : Based off a recent song from Juice

Description : If you are going to use a sub or 808, the notes are D and E. Also, this is my first time uploading a loop!

Description : F# phrygian

its perfect with boom bap drums
you can also time stretch it and try to make it more trap like with a counter melody maybe

for collabs hit me up on ig (names in the bio)

Description : IdK EpIc SoUnD

Description : Organ with a LP

Description : Toxic Biohard


Description : Toxic Biohard


Description : Made with Omni 2 using a preset called Boombox Vibrato Organ.

Loops 1 - 25 of 863
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