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Description : T H I C C

Description : Description : Tay Keith x Drake Drums w/o Sub (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats)

Drake - Nonstop


Description : Tay Keith x Drake Drums w/ Sub (Sub, Kick, Snare, Hi-Hats)

Drake - Nonstop


Description : something different. spanish type drum loop

Description : Pretty basic - but could be gold in the right hands

Description : boom bap type drum loop

Description : TAYKEITH,_________! enjoy (drums and 808)

Description : Check Profile to contact me to collab. !!!!!!

Link finished beat if you used this loop. !!!!

Description : it goes with the flute loop i posted earlier
the loop is in 4 parts so just cut the loop every 4 bars

Description : some Future Bass Drums :D
might be usefull

Snare is in A# so the Key of the Loop is aswell.

Description : Realized with Fl Studio. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Made a cool sounding drum loop on FL. Feel free to use :) Just link me to what you make so I can hear it is all I ask :)

Description : Was making a beat but I hated my melody so much so i just deleted it and kept my drums i made so here ya go. Make sure to link me to your work.

Description : Feel free with feedback, I`d like to see what you can do with my loop.

Description : HIP HOP drUMZ BOOm bAP STYle kicK X HI hat X SnaRE X ScraTCHEZ

Description : baSS boosT 808 tRAP SNarez X kickZ X HI hatZ X PErcz

Description : Made a little hard drum beat.

Description : I'm Inmi and i dont make trap but i like this drums so i made it
thx 4 the help with the bassline, also i sidechained it

Description : Second half has extra kicks, first half doesn't.

808s are F#, D#, B, G#, D#, B, A

Hit me up on Instagram @yungkangzbeats

Description : used a juice and murda type kit on fl studio

Description : DrumZ X HIhaTZ X SNAre X 808 X Kick X PERc

Description : Trap Drums Loops.

Description : show me what have u done!:D

Description : Enjoy! Send me anything you create with it :)

Description : A drum loop with the typical nick mira sound. Link me your work! :) 808 notes: G, C, A

Loops 1 - 25 of 23339
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