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Description : FL Studio. 100 bpm,Dm. Mixed Choir Loop - Dear Heavenly Father, Please forgive me, for I have sinned, for you know my hearts truth, guide me home.
Description : hayzzy day
Description : .....
Description : Made this from a choir pad i found with another synth pad underneath. Let me know what you guys do with it! Key is Eb major. Feel free to leave comments if you like it!
Description : 2 of 2
Description : 1 of 2
Description : Agony and despair, surreal & psychodelic.
Description : A minor choir, would love to hear what people come up with, hit me up for a collab!
Description : I present to you a cinematic sample pack called "Inferno". This pack includes: - HBS Inferno Organ - HBS Inferno Choir - HBS Inferno Organ+Choir - HBS Inferno Music Box - HBS Inferno Ensemble Drums Hi Toms I Var 1 LV (Low-Velocity) - HBS Inferno Ensemble Drums Hi Toms I Var 2 HV (High-Velocity) - HBS Inferno Ensemble Drums Hi Toms II Var 1 LV (Low-Velocity) - HBS Inferno Ensemble Drums Hi Toms II Var 2 HV (High-Velocity) 100% Royalty-free You can use this loops in movies, games, your tracks and whatever.
Description : Faith and stuff ... or lack of it.
Description : choir choir
Description : decent choir in typical 40a fashion
Description : .....
Description : Find me on YouTube and SoundCloud!
Description : Choir loop expressing a moment through these familiar roads that capture us, that turn us, that teach us things no other place could. This place is known as Destruction Road.
Description : choir 102 first loop of the day so its kinda crappy
Description : fl studio
Description : littleloop
Description : .....
Description : Made with stock logic plugins Keys: C min, Or G min.
Description : FL Studio. 88 bpm,D. Choir Loop - Dreams As title implies, a piece of the world from a dream. Misc piece useful to add in the background of things. Works cool as loading screen ambiance. Haha while I waiting for Halo 1 to load up the next level.
Description : my signature dark ambient choir now free to use!! enjoy
Description : FL Studio. 96 bpm,D. Choir Loop - Thoughts. Rough edges but good soul, might work for you, try it out if you'd like and lets hear how it turned out! Peace.
Description : Please comment below your work! Enjoy!!
Description : .....
Loops 1 - 25 of 361
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