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Description : Kanye West Choirs By Nasty B

DM me on Instagram for collabs or custom loops/beats.
(Link in my Bio)

Check my bio for my free loop kit/sample pack

Description : perfect for a happy/beautiful track. made with Izotope Iris 2. part 1 of 2 samples.

Description : What have we done with our dreams ?

Description : Dark Choirs Loop.

Description : Shy melody

Description : Made in FL Demo with Helix (free VST). Basic dark chords with a little movement at the end. Thought I'd give back to the community cuz some people really be giving out heat for free. If you make something drop the link I wanna hear it!

Description : An SATB choir sings a soulful progression in a big space.

Harmonies: Db----Ebm/Db-----Ab7-----Db

Description : A soulful SATB choir sings a progression in an expressive space.

Harmonies: B-----E6/B

Description : We hope you can find this useful! Please enjoy & feel free to contact us with any questions!

Description : A choir of soulful female voices sings a smooth Oooh in an expressive space.

Description : DUNE 3

Description : claps a little in the beginning

Description : Hope usable


Description : A quartet of soulful female singers sings a riff in a big space. Loop is in 4/4, but has a 12/8, triplets feel.

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt

Description : An SATB choir sings a soulful passage in a church.

Harmonies: C-----F

Description : YNW Melly x Kanye West Trap Choir Hits by Krexo Beats
Made with EletraX
Email me for custom loop and/or Beats.

Description : By Mikhail Catan

Description : Beloved, whatever we ask God, we receive it from him, because we keep his commandments, and do what is pleasing to him.

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt

Description : I dont know really

Description : Lil Keed/Drake inspired.

Pitched it down 200cents

Description : Because what is hell if not being locked up. Locked in oneself, in one's memories, fears, refusals, guilt... The grace of solitude.

Description : Choir loop - DOPE

Loops 1 - 25 of 735
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