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Description : MMG Type Brass
Made with Nexus
Contact me for Collaboration

Description : Nice for Rea Sremmund beatz

Description : Omnisphere horn, G# natural minor scale

Description : 44100 16 bit

Description : probs my fav loop that I have ever made. enjoy, plz leave work in the comments

Description : enjoy

Description : 6 bars using a DN-e1; started with a Sax, then set it to "Short Pluse"
Original by Oldrockandroller
Use freely as you wish

Description : Another one

Description : Made this some time ago.

Description : Mexican trumpet loop. hope it is useful. plz leave work in comments.

Description : Happy New Year to everyone!

IF you used it--please share with me!

Description : sax loop

Description : sax loop with chorus, phaser and overdrive

Description : I'm blessing y'all with these loops today

Go to my profile to request custom loops

Description : Progression is- C#, D
Go to my profile to request custom loops

Description : big brass orchestral sound

Description : brass section of track

Description : It is an brass of Omnisphere.
He is in accompaniment with "Dark Drill Organ".
Share your creations using these loops.

Description : It clipped but i volumed down

Description : This is a really simple brass loop; feel free to use this and add other melodies on top of it.

Comment! I want to see how you used this loop!

Key: C#

Description : Some hard brass shots that will sound good in a hybrid trap/trap drop.

F# in Minor Scale
enjoy :D

Description : Oh lawd another brass loop wtf, 132 bpm, lemme know what you think and link your track if you use it peace!!!

Description : nexus 2 made

Description : WTF is wrong with me I cant stop w the brass, lemme know whatchu think and link me your track if you use this, salute, peace out!!!

Description : I seriously cant stop making nasty brass loops. Lemme know whatchu think and link me to your track if you use it so I can see what you do!!!!

Loops 1 - 25 of 1437
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