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Description : This is from one of my old projects. Raw orchestra hit with no effects for easy use.
Tweak and turn to your desire, leave a link to what you did with it
Description : Trumpet chord made on FL studio key G
Description : Made with Sonokenetics Da Capo VSTi
Description : Made with Sonokinetic Da Capo VSTi
Description : Hard Brass loop for a nice old trap intrumental.
I hope you will make something great from it.
Let me hear your work, drop your link in the comment, thanks!
Description : 80bpm,D. Brass Loop. Orchestral Brass Stab Sequence. Mix n Match. Peace
Description : 100bpm,D. Brass Loop. Strange. Mix n Match. Peace
Description : A horn section plays a bold riff in the E Myxolydian mode at an andantino pace.

Implied Harmonies: E--D--E
Description : In The Back Seat of a Jeepney Star......
Description : Beautiful pad
Description : if you use plz let me hear your work
Description : This loop sounds like some movie scene.
Link me your creations.
Description : I was inspired to do this melody from a freestyle Kendrick did on youtube so I made this. If you use it and want to post your music I'd be more then happy to listen. :)
Description : No Mafia Shit is complete without that sinister feel... They owe you money type brass pad
Description : Lil Wayne Type if you like thst Type shit.... But its Mafia Shit...
Description : This melody is from somewhere else but I can't remember where I heard it. I've recreated it here.
Description : Labelled as a lead But Brass sounding for sure.. added slight distortion tweaked some parameters. Medusa Kontakt Library again. Enoy
Description : If You use it please send me the result!
Made with Acoustica Mixcraft Pro Studio 8
French Horn
More ones will follow
Description : Old Brass from an old Project unfinished. Enjoy
Description : A improvised saxophone melody. It can be used for jazz,blues, lofi hip hop, jazzhop...As long as it vibes.
Make sure to link any song you make,I'm curious how people will use this sample ^^
If needed
Bassline Dm///C///Dm///C/// x3 Bb///Bb///
Description : a simple brass used in NEXUS.
Description : loop dump
Description : Feel free to use it and show me what you make with it.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1285
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