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Description : Played in: Amaj7 - Emaj7
Description : Enjoy!
Description : 95 bpm Am# Brass Loop Trumpets Synful Thoughts. Reup. It works well in different styles, give your luck a spin.
Description : 140 bpm Dm Brass Loop Old Tapes. The Eq effect makes the brass instrument sound close to those old string machines. Cool. Reup.
Description : Simple Trap Trumpets
Description : Simple Trap Trumpets
Description : Hope Usable
Description : I was originally going to use these for a track but I thought I'd rather share it with the Looperman community. I wanted to create something that was hard knocking but simple so it could be added on to. I hope you can find use for it and as always enjoy. Made with Abletone Live 9
Description : A FIVE LOOP FUNK PACK W/DRUMS! I am feeling mighty funky these days. I mean I am Mr. Funktastic after all. Time to juice up my funk loop catalog people. I got that feeling with this JAMES BROWN inspired loop set. Ain't it Funky!
Description : Brass in Staccato.
Description : weird sax loop
Description : id love to hear what you guys could do with this.
Description : Make the magic happen
Description : interstellar
Description : horns and vinyl
Description : I want to see what you guys can make of this trumpet melody. P.S The other note I used with D# is C
Description : Old School Brass Loop. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Goes well with my other Hard Trap- loops
Description : Produced By Rae / Rae777 I see many people use my loops but dont say anything. I know your not supposed to do that but still would be nice if you drop your links here :)
Description : 8 seamless bars of a small brass ensemble playing a percussive riff. Implied Harmonies: Bb----Ebmaj7
Description : chill out
Description : Dan in my samba "June samba". Cmaj key (12 measures)
Description : Should work for many genres
Description : little sample i chopped up and put some effects on to sound pretty dark and travis scott sounding. please link if you use it id like to hear
Description : ......sweet
Loops 1 - 25 of 1240
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