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Description : bleeder
Description : travis inspired me :)
Description : Slow Bells played t about 1/3 beat. Smooth Vibez
C Minor (LORIAN)

Would Love feedback and as usual I would love to hear your work posted here.
Description : enjoy. let me hear what you make
Description : IF YOU LIKE IT, ENJOY!
Description : leave link please.
Description : leave link please.
Description : I made a loop that I though would fit a high-energy song using Massive's preset Arctic Bells. I recently used it on a track, but I'd love to see what you guys do with it! Leave your work below!
Description : Don't forget to share your creations.
Description : Don't forget to share your creations.
Description : Lil Uzi Type loop made in Logic Pro x. Leave a comment if you use the loop, so I can see your work. Also lmk if you are interested in a sample pack.
Description : 2/2 Parts of Loop, Link to any work!
Description : Program: Ableton Live 10 Suite
Plugins: ElectraX64 x Massive x GrossBeat
Description : BRAND NEW DISCORD. Lets make it the best hnggg!
Description : C# Harmonic Minor Scale, base notes are C5, E5, A4 and C4 again. Post beats you made with it down below.
Description : Bell in onnisphere
Description : trap thing
Description : My own sound that I made message if you like and want it
Description : Doubled detuned bells
Description : I use a lot of my loops for songs that r on my soundcloud so if u tryna see what I made, yee
Description : I made it in omnisphere
Description : Another Cookup session, Thanks for using my loops! latest projects and quick cook ups!
Description : Tm88 type shit, make a beat, and show me what you done! stay tuned for more #BoyDreamer
Description : coincidentally came across this unique sound in omni 2
Description : lil penis x lil farter type 2
Loops 1 - 25 of 2421
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