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Description : Inspired by the Metro Boomin Razer videos and the Gucci, Migos, etc. type 808's with a punch kick.
Description : big vibes
Description : I don't know what genre this is but it gos good with all almost I'm sorry about my bad loops last night as I forgot to change the ways of making loops from live mono too plugins so used to recording live the2 ways are difernt on the way it comes out
Description : Bells Melody Retro SynthWave 12
120 BPM
Description : only bsynth
Description : Made in GMS
Description : Made with TyrellN6
Description : the pairing bass, if you want it. comment what you made -H
Description : That loop was created in Renoise.
Description : That loop was created in Renoise.
Description : 100bpm link me all of your beats
Description : I was bored, and i struggled. This is my outcome. Hope you like it. So i decided to upload this trash sample.
Description : Bells Melody Retro SynthWave 11
120 BPM
Description : Made with Serum, Keyzone and a 3xOsc in FL 12.
If you use my loop link what you made!
Description : Murder the beat. 8 bars of thick, evolving bass. Share your creations!
Description : Bells Melody Retro SynthWave 10
Description : Deep bass loop. Send me a link if you use it! :)
Description : Yo! Post what you guys make from this loop!

pair this with the other two chord progressions for a cool vibe
Description : A growl with some reverb I'm using for a new track, This automation didn't quite work with the song but i liked the sound of it, maybe one of you could use it. I made it using Ableton live and massive. let me know if you use it! theres a pitch bend F-F#-F during the second growl. i would use F#m for this.
Description : vox synth 2
Description : Bells Melody Retro SynthWave 7
Description : Made in NI Massive. Sidechain, a few fx. Let me hear if you use.
Description : Made with NI Massive. I loved playing with these triplets, & the delay.
Description : Funky lead bass. Kinda syhtny.
Nexus the beast #3.(Default sound)
Description : Made with Nexus. Had a go at house & wasn't unsatidfied.
Loops 1 - 25 of 2185
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