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Description : cool bass loop. made in Serum

Description : Insane VR style drop bass. Does not have sub bass so add sub bass if used. Made in Serum

Description : Eerie, menacing effect. Like something used in action/horror movie trailers.

Description : show me what you do wit it

Description : Buzzy bass made with Alan Aztec's Donk Machine 2. Used Grossbeat to add some dimension and complexity. Added very light reverb and delay for spice but tried to keep it dry for your own effects. Equalized the lows so don't over do it yourself.

Description : Wrote this TRANCE track this afternoon so you guys could have some fun. Let me know how you get on.
4 Parts include:
Basic Love Fusion Pianos 1 of 4
Basic Love Fusion Bassline 2 of 4
Basic Love Fusion Strings 3 of 4
Basic Love Fusion Drums 4 of 4

Description : TRANCE GENRE Loops! Back for one night only in the trance genre. Pre-Mastered, levels under -6db, smaller loops so you can manipulate them easier. No filler loops in this pack. This is a complete live royalty free pack for your personal and commercial trance tracks. Collect all ten of them.

Description : just...
I don´t even know.
Sounds like some kind of bass for a backing track for drunken mosquiotos fighting...

d#-key in blues scale

enjoy :S ??

Description : Lil X Type Sub Bass. Use with my loops "Lil X Type Electric Guitar" and "Lil X Type Drum Beat" for a cool groove!

Description : A basic 808 pattern (Goes with my Juice WRLD bell loop)

Please send your work to me via email (in Bio) or in the comments

Description : Sylenth1,effectrix

Description : Trance Bassline using Serum VST and Layered Ableton Bass VST

Description : Back again for a 10th one.. Made with Serum and FL Studio.
Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to hear what you make with it! :3

Description : Yet another Dubstep Drop Loop for you to slice and dice! Made in Serum and FL Studio. Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to see your work! :3

Description : Made with Serum in FL Studio with.. uhh... Lots of sounds I suppose. Please leave me a link if ya use it! I'd love to hear what you make! :D

Description : Bass!

Description : simple melody 2

Description : simple melody

Description : Sylenth1 1,Gross Beat

Description : Cant get any mustardy then this.

Description : reminds me of excision. made in Serum

Description : from my track Shake Dat. made in Serum

Description : A melodic drop in A minor. Not a usual key for dubstep, but use it as much as you can. Show me your work.

Description : Feel free to link your music

Description : hard ass 808 i didn't use

link anything you make :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 2648
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