Help Using The Shop / Buying Tshirts

How much does delivery for tshirts cost

The cost of delivery is included into the price of the tshirts so no mattter where you live in the world the tshirts cost the same price.

What sizes and colour tshirts are available

Check the shop page to see all the colours and sizes currently available.

As soon as any size or colour goes out of stock we update that page so you can always see whats in stock.

If you accidentally ordered something that you can now see is out of stock just drop us an email and let us know which size or colour you prefer or request a refund.

Can I get a customised tshirt with my name on it or different colour

No, I'm afraid the only styles and colours are those that you see on the shop page.

The tshirts are professionally printed in bulk so individual designs or colours are not available.