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  1. 337508
    subSpace : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    i know this question has probably been asked so many times but im gona ask any way.

    can someone please tell me how to record my voice onto edison i have mic input but cant record and when i manage to =record it it sound very very very very low and tinny. any peeps have an answer thanx

  2. 340647
    Phyruis : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    brother download this software it basic,free and safe I've found it easy to use when recording my voice


    then just export the wav file and import it into fruity

  3. 213464
    SovereignKonceptz : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    Yea..I do that for wen I record my precussion samples...

    Then bounce all the audio into FL.

    Otherwise, I think u'd need more then a USB mic...

    Needa buy a souncard with the right input things in the back.

    I may be mistaken tho...

  4. 337508
    subSpace : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    thanx koncepts but i already have a good sound card i have sound blaster audigy with asio. i also have audacity but it wont load up for me

  5. 357283
    Marius9 : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    I had the same problem when I was recording a friend of mine in FL 7. Make sure you are going through the line in and you get a better sound for some reason. Then normalize the track, you should record right into the tracks on fl studio. Then just open the wav in edison.
    Using another program to record vocals is also good though, it seems to be better quality all around.

  6. 340647
    Phyruis : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    try downloading the beta version of audacity.. its a little more unstable but I prefer it

  7. 229129
    CONEYISLANDRECORDS : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    No need for audacity to record with FL.

    Open your mixer,

    Select an empty channel.

    On the right hand side you will see all the FX slots.

    At the very top you will also see "IN" and to the right of that you will see (none).

    Click the little arrow to drop down the window ans select

    Audio Mic Input. (Stereo Or mono,..doesnt matter)

    In the same channel add Edison.

    In Edison next to the function buttons you will see:
    On Input
    On Play
    In New Project

    Select "On Play" (little orange light will appear when its selected.

    Arm the record button In Edison. (click it,..should turn red)

    Go back to your playlist and select where you want to start recording from and hit play to play your track.

    Edison will automatically start recording all input from the mic.

    I have my mic run right into my comp.

    There is a "mic in" input on the front and back of my comp.

    I have a sttandard mic cable with the 1/4 inch male end.

    I bought a 4 dollar adapter that converts 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch.

    Plug it in and works great.

  8. 340647
    Phyruis : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    yeah I'd go with coney... what he doesn't know about fruity isn't worth knowing

  9. 266497
    ReignMD : Wed 10th Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    Wth FL* had the same problem. First switch your audio settings to ASIO. Then choose the insert you are going to record to in the mixer window (Anyone except the MASTER). Click on the icon that looks like a disc and name your file.

    On the left hand side of the mixer there should be a "In" and "Out". On the "In" find the conexant HD that corresponds to your mic (they are all different) and switch the "Out" to the output your headphones are plugged into. If your mic placement is on point, you should be able to record yourself clearly.

    These instructions are for FL8, but they should correspond to FL9 fairly easily. from what I've seen, both programs are generally the same. Check out some tracks I've made using frooty loops http://www.reverbnation.com/reignMD

  10. 429844
    Ohropack : Fri 10th Sep 2010 : 9 years ago

    Well... it's been awhile since the last answer but I hope someone will look inside here.

    I did everything exactly like Coney wrote, but it didn't work for me.
    Even when I use audacity to record my vocals, I always hear the background music when singing.
    How can I avoid this?

    Any ideas?

  11. 337508
    subSpace : Fri 10th Sep 2010 : 9 years ago

    its cool i try'd as well but it did not work but guess what i got ableton live records stuff pretty good thats a program i would suggest you get but it is pretty pricey program but all you do with it is press record and sing live into it

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