How To Make Dirty Dubstep On Fl?

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  1. 348349
    HarveyBluntman : Sat 6th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    After buying fl studio I dont have $200 or what ever to spend on the Massive vst. So I was wondering if anyone can help me make dirty dubstep on sytrus or wasp or anything like that.

  2. 241372
    celestial1157 : Sat 6th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    use the 3xOSC vst that FL provides.
    it works pretty good.
    thats what i started using til i got massive and hydra

  3. 213464
    SovereignKonceptz : Sun 7th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    I found it a bit hard to do...
    That extra 200 helped my sounds a whole lot.
    But if not, making basslines is a trial and error
    Process, 3xosc isn't bad at all, the simplest pluggins can give hell wen processed and tuned right.

    For me,
    More options make me happy...
    But I go bak to sytrus for backing
    Sounds sometimes, some sounds,
    And recently trynna conceptualize
    FM synthesis in a whole......but
    I use toxic biohazard for that more...

  4. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Mon 8th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    bro go listen to my dubstep track. Only used Sytrus and 3xOsc. Totally possible to make dirt without massive.

    check it out. you can dirty it up more with some detune, some chorus etc. good luck

  5. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Mon 8th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    this ones good too

  6. 352300
    BeatmasterBud : Mon 8th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    whe i first got into dubstep (still not very good at it) i used 3xosc but it was a smidge more work to eq and work with
    but i discovered the fruity fast LP does a amazing job of tweaking the sytrus or any other synth bass to wobble

    my favorite sytrus are the bass: cerbera saw, fry and subbass
    i found cerbera saw fits drum and bass better then dub but thats just me

  7. 213464
    SovereignKonceptz : Mon 8th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    for me,
    The low pass sounds like its turning
    The volume up and down...cuz it is...

    Idk, it mite just b me guys,
    But I hear a difference
    In using an automated low pass
    Filter, and using an LFO
    Modulated by the cutoff filter in
    The synth....

    I used the Low Pass a lot tho b4
    Getting new vst's. Even the army of free
    Ones I have are gr8 for dubstep.

  8. 348349
    HarveyBluntman : Mon 15th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    I just learned how to do the fruity fast lp and it works like a charm. Thanks for all your help. Check out some of my dubstep tunes. Peace

  9. 504855
    0zzy : Sun 12th Dec 2010 : 11 years ago

    Just Want to mention also Try WASP on FLSTUDIO , always wobbles B.line , hope it helps , thanks . goodLucK.

  10. 230755
    Unknown User : Sun 12th Dec 2010 : 11 years ago

    Harvey give this a shot see if you like the outcome:

    Now that you've got your fast lp working, you have the "wobble" effect you were after, thats cool. But see if you can have a cleaner sound if you do this:

    Send the bassline through a Low Pass filter set at around 80Hz, but not through fast lp. Keep the sub-bass (which is what it has now become, since it's at 80Hz) free of wobbles, keep it constant and ever-present.

    NOW, clone that bassline and send the new one through a HIGH pass filter set at whatever suits you best (I usually set it to around 250Hz) and now send THIS to your fast lp and wobble this new mid-rangish bassline. Play them both together, and DAMNIT, you've got yourself a nasty sub bass that doesn't let up, AND a dirty wobble (try to automate the lfo rate, so it doesnt become boring). Alternatively, you could send your sub thru your fast lp but at a different rate, should make for an interesting vibe.

    Add salt according to taste, serve hot.

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