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  1. 303225
    Chad360 : Sun 28th Feb 2010 : 12 years ago

    I have always been nice enough to not make you go through any unnnnnneeded trouble if you liked a song of mine enough that you wanted to download it!
    I am actually flattered when you do!

    ....even when you JACK one of my tracks and call it your own!
    ...I figure.. f**k ...motherf**ker has good taste.
    I was flattered.

    I have nearly 2000 downloads.

    I work hard on stuff I post. A couple of my last tracks are some of the best stuff I think I have ever done!
    My last track is setting a record for the number of downloads in a day. (I am imagining it is pitiful compared to But I put my heart and soul into my stuff.

    All I ask.
    If you download my track, say "Nice track...I am downloading", "Thanks", "You suck and your mother dresses you funny", "R. Kelly is innocent!" , I DONT GIVE A F**K, JUST SAY SOMETHING?!!!?!?

    Do you know how frustrating it is to have a track being downloaded seven times and not a single comment?

    *breaths in*

    Jesus Christ I can not tell you how much better I feel. Imma sleep like a baby!
    Pee Ess- Not spellchecking F**K it. (and I tried to clean up my fithy mouth....a lil....)
    *looks away*

  2. 189939
    dolawhite : Sun 28th Feb 2010 : 12 years ago

    yo chad. just set it where people cant just dl your stuff. that way people will have to contact you to get it. thats what id do if i was any good at making beats. but im not, thats why i thank this site or id still be making beats by banging on a box fan.

  3. 303225
    Chad360 : Sun 28th Feb 2010 : 12 years ago

    I didnt want to have to do that. (plus, it is sooooo easy to rip off anything you hear with Audacity...and it sounds pretty damn good)

    ...and I am not talking to the people that to leave a review, but in my eyes..I am giving, and giving you permission to use *with credit* something dear to me. And for you not to even say "hey f**k yo mama" just makes my contacts float!

    But I feel better now. It was either the rant or the weed.

  4. 189939
    dolawhite : Sun 28th Feb 2010 : 12 years ago

    word. i need new contacts

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