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  1. 223506
    siensystem : Thu 25th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    I just received the latest FLStudio newsletter and it mentions to be on the lookout for FL 9.1 update. It only states "coming soon" but considering the newsletters are not too frequent the update might be here in the next few weeks/months.

    Among the 2 listed new features is a Convolution Reverb plugin! That should be nice! And also the introduction of APDC (Auto Plugin Delay Compensation). Hopefully with APDC there won't be a need to create a sub-mix to take care of the delay in some plugins (as you currently need to do).

    Those were the only 2 upgrades listed but can't wait to see the complete change-log.

  2. 116269
    DextDee : Thu 25th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    just saw that in my mail this morning too. awesomeness!!!

  3. 359547
    Unknown User : Thu 25th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    HELL YEAH!!!

  4. 77137
    helven : Thu 25th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    Cannot wait! =D

  5. 213464
    SovereignKonceptz : Tue 2nd Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    Im stoked.

    Can't w8!

  6. 292154
    DjBradd : Tue 2nd Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    I've never had the plug in problem?? Convolution Reverb sounds nice though :')

    Cheers, Bradd.

  7. 223506
    siensystem : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    With regular generators and basic effects you might never see the Plugin Delay problem. This happens with plugins that store large amounts of buffer data to manipulate it or use it for it's internal workings before being spit out to the sound-card. The one that comes to mind is T-Racks and also some plugins like Compressors that have "look-ahead" settings.

  8. 292154
    DjBradd : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    im using Omnisphere which is quite demanding in that way, ive ran multiple instances of it along with othere heavy Vst's and effects, nothing has every happened. I guess it depends on your PC specs aswell.

  9. 223506
    siensystem : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    Nope. Has no relation to PC specs. Though I would say that if you have a low latency sound-card, that helps you. It is not a common issue but it is very much a real one which is why FL has now been developing the automatic compensation into the DAW by looking at the timings of the audio buffers that the applications are using. If you have a very low latency sound-card that helps you allot, it may still be that the delay is there, but too short for you to notice it.

  10. 292154
    DjBradd : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 9 years ago

    OK. Well, i have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme, on my PC. Which hasnt given me a single problem. On my Mac, i am not sure.. Its upgraded though, very good.

    Coolio man. Cheers.

  11. 223506
    siensystem : Fri 30th Apr 2010 : 9 years ago

    And FLStudio 9.1 has now been released!

    April 22nd actually. I picked up the upgrade and gave the new updates a spin. Sadly say, one thing that usually disillusions me with Image-Line updates is the loss of some settings and plugin lists, which required I spend approximately 30-45 mins reconfiguring, testing and ensuring things didn't break.

    The Convolver is sweetness! Truly versatile and sound quality is immensely rich.

    I'm seeing some atypical CPU consumption which is always my fear with new updates; Also the ASIO driver failed after pushing the audio to a 2nd output device. I also notice longer startup times as it loads the sample browser. I haven't properly tested the APDC feature but looked at it briefly and it seems like a great addition.

    Thus far, I love the update, a bit bummed out at some of the anomalous CPU consumption issues and soundcard crash, but I haven't used it long enough to let the new things settle.

    Registered users can see the complete change-log here:


    On a different note: Ableton Live has also released version 8.1.3 this month. Free for registered users.

    Happy DAW-ing!

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