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    DonnieVyros : Fri 19th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    Greets all,
    So the other day I started a thread airing my thoughts on stuff that I've been observing on here for the past year or so. Here's the link...

    And someone on that requested that I come up with a list of what a Pro would do.
    Again, I am not a pro and it may seem silly my even having to write either of things in these threads (because common sense would say/suggest...), but here I am going down the list, blow-by-blow. And since the other is such a long list I figured it'd be better if I broke this down doing 4 at a time (in order). So for today's list, here's l-4...

    Solution 1= On here?
    Step 1- Make a post for your interests in the ‹Å“Collaborations section of the Forums.
    Step 2- If you are interested in connecting to work with a person, start by posting a reply to the initial thread and then use the ‹Å“Contact section of the profile (dont post that kind of stuff in the forums or anywhere on your profile/track descriptions or wherever else, thats just foolish, come on, think about it people).
    In general, use 1 primary account for your artistic ventures (thats your music stuff, but also if you do other things such as photography or something).
    The way Id recommend everyone do things are to have different accounts for different purposes. Example-
    a.) First email for business (bills, e-subscriptions & newsletters, banking, etc. (usually better to have this via a paid account/service, like say, your Internet service provider). You can also include your artistic ventures here, but Id recommend that you have a ‹Å“Specialty account set up separately for that.
    b.) Second email for personal (networking sites {like myspace or facebook}, emailing friends & family, media sharing {like photobucket or myflashfetish}, chat services, etc.).
    c.) Third email for nonsense and other e-garbage (surveys, trial memberships, in-store order/purchasing forms, job-related junk {like if you have an annual Equal Opportunity meeting and they require an email addy on the attendance roster}, or other times when you dont want someone to have your address).

    Solution 2= This ones kind of easy. First, for every review you get be kind enough to atleast leave a reply thanking the person for their time & comments (color it a simple common courtesy). Second, if youre feeling froggy go out and leave a ‹Å“Return Review for each person who has reviewed one of your things (base it on a 1-to-1 ratio). This establishes a basic relationship and form of communication between the reviewer and reviewee. Ultimately, the collection pool grows steadily over time (generating moar reviews, ftw).

    Solution 3= On here? Use the ‹Å“Links section to add whatever other sites you want to promote (eg, youtube channel or indaba profile page) and after you update either page (ie, add a new video to youtube) come on here and post a thread about it in the forums. In general, its a good idea to have one centralized Hub page that includes links or banners to all of your pages. To start off, that can be your myspace page. After a while, eventually you will want to create a website dedicated to yourself
    As for activity on here, there are three things to keep in mind-
    a.) If there are business or sales sides of the site or service to first contact admin to inquire about and to alert him of what you are trying to do (basically, get permission to advertise or dont try linking to it).
    b.) Do not link to it if the site (or any part therein) that involves warez or links to P2P sites or services. This is not allowed on here in any form.
    c.) Get involved in some small way beyond just promoting your other site or service. If you dont then it will eventually be considered Spam.

    Solution 4= Back in the day people would have to go to the Library to learn about things. In this magic day in age we have the interwebs and can hop onto any search engine and after inputting in a key word or three can collect hundreds of thousands of resources after they hitting Enter.

    And at random I will type in some key words that would be applicable to this site and what Im talking about here¦
    Copy right/s
    Radio Play
    Licenses/License fees
    Tutorials for ________
    How to ________

    That way when you do come into a place and start posting questions or comments you dont appear to be sucha n00b. Though still, since this is a site thats built on education and a community spirit (with people of varying skill levels and talents)- Then yes, come on here and discuss it. Share your knowledge with others or ask others for theirs.
    However, please be sure that the topic you are wanting to post has not already been discussed before (basically, go in and browse through the older posts within the various sections of the Forums, so that we dont have like 15 topics about the same thing).

    Will come back later this weekend and add more. Hopefully you all are doing well. Take 'er easy!


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    DonnieVyros : Fri 19th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    WHOA, sorry all, that'll be the last time I go to copy/paste something out of Microsoft Word (without first editing apostrophes and comment symbols). Lates again!


  3. 229129
    CONEYISLANDRECORDS : Fri 19th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    Haha,...I was wondering what was up. Looks weird.

  4. 102812
    Tipztar : Fri 19th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    solution 5 = dont copy and paste ... :)

  5. 64965
    DonnieVyros : Fri 19th Feb 2010 : 9 years ago

    Haha, nice one Tipzstar.

    Yeah, what happened was I was sitting in class on a day where we had a half-day so I had about 2 hours before the next class started. So I sat there and started writing out the 'solutions' part in Microsoft Word on the Macs we got at school.

    It is a good practice to copy everything you write though (just in case you encounter some random glitch or bug online). That way everything isn't lost. Though this is like my first time doing a word doc transfer. Might be better if I test out the future stuff on a blog on another site (so I can edit out the kinks there). Anyways, I'm headin off to grab some breakfast. Catch yall kooky people later.


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