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  1. 322747
    KooLKYLE : Thu 4th Feb 2010 : 10 years ago

    i was wondering if i could be classed as a pro lol im not sure im there yet but i would like to hear what yous all had to say :)

  2. 274163
    d2d : Thu 4th Feb 2010 : 10 years ago

    Not sure what you mean...
    But, to me Pro means getting paid.
    Offically, I've been a pro toilet cleaner, Pro audio technician, pro recording engineer. I'm even a semi-pro musician which means I sometimes get paid to do music... $150 a show at times.

    So, if you're getting paid... you're a pro. :)
    In my opinion only of course!

  3. 229129
    CONEYISLANDRECORDS : Thu 4th Feb 2010 : 10 years ago


  4. 230755
    Unknown User : Thu 4th Feb 2010 : 10 years ago

    Yea man you are.

  5. 337508
    subSpace : Thu 4th Feb 2010 : 10 years ago

    personaly i think your good but like me you have to climb loops to get to the top you have only started i think comeing outa your shell when it comes to makeing tunes you are good i will give you that but you aint pro im afraid i dont consider my self a pro cos my tunes are starting to get better aswell but soon we will be to that stage lol

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