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    Apieceoftofu : Sun 31st Jan 2010 : 13 years ago

    Hey guys. Ive been into house for a long time but lately ive been lovin me some dubstep. I thought for my first real attempt (i made a little dubstep demo to try my hand at the wobble bass thing) I could get some input from everyone on the general structure of dubstep and any important things i should know about producing it. Thanx guys.

  2. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Sun 31st Jan 2010 : 13 years ago

    o yea and PS... ive got some cool vocals from some corny old 50's Sci Fi flicks ready to go so any tips on how to bring those in would be great too!

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    jahknow : Sun 31st Jan 2010 : 13 years ago

    here is a very simple and straight forward structure for dubstep

    4/4 at 140bpm

    1-32 = intro (keep it simple, and easy to fallow rhythmically so dj's will want to match it up in the heat of a mix, or while performing)
    33-64 = bass and drums - main meat of the tune
    65-96 = add something (like a pad or slight change in bassline, some congas, or a arp synth) keep it rollin
    97-112 = break (take out most) (put your little voice sample in here, and a riser or a buildup take out the drums maybe the bass too.)
    113-160 = All in (bass, drums, pads) - climax of the tune..
    161-176 = subtract something (take out the congas, or the synthy arp thing)
    177-208 = outro (take out more stuff, get minimal here)
    209 = ending (a little sound, or a delay echoing off into the distance, or your little voice thing you used in the break.) I like to mix tunes that I can ride all the way to the end, and let the song mix itself out with the last little noise.

    I like to put fills in 1 or 2 measures before each change, i.e, measure 63 and 64 would be a drum fill, or a pause, or something to give it character. I find it nice to make each fill different. and that takes away from such a repetitive feel.

    so fills would be measures

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    simmerdown : Sun 31st Jan 2010 : 13 years ago

    Now theres a solid bit of info.. thx for the edjamication jk, already cut and pasted...to my forehead.

  5. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Mon 1st Feb 2010 : 13 years ago

    thanx alot. thats exactly what i was looking for. cheers m8 and ill take a look at some of your tracks

  6. 355945
    NtaT : Sun 7th Feb 2010 : 13 years ago

    jah! great stuff right there! been trying to find some similar direct to the point information for some time now.

  7. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Mon 15th Feb 2010 : 13 years ago

    thanx again everyone... finished a dubstep track and used some of the tips i got here. check it out if you get a chance (its my only dubstep track so just find it under my profile).

Posts (7)

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