I Need A Dj Name ???

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  1. 316780
    Apieceoftofu : Tue 16th Feb 2010 : 12 years ago

    yo wat about DJ D-Floor.... its kinda like your name with B-Flor but its classy cause it talks about the dance floor too!

  2. 292154
    DjBradd : Tue 16th Feb 2010 : 12 years ago

    How about Dj Name ? lol

  3. 321181
    FlorinB92 : Wed 3rd Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    hmmm...it's good one...:D
    maybe i'll do under that name some house music...
    p.s my trance dj name is "Mystic Deejay"
    take a look at my profile o youtube, add me as a friend and subscribe if u like :)


  4. 346251
    Odis : Thu 4th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    thats such an awesome name its not boring at all.

    heres some anagrams from your name though, for some inspiration.'

    Nib Color Rift
    Crib Fort Lion
    Robin Colt Fir
    Rob Tic [dj rob-tic]


  5. 213464
    SovereignKonceptz : Thu 4th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago


    M8, idk if any1 is gunna give u the name u want...
    Its gotta b u.
    No1 kno's u like u do.

    Dig deep for this one.
    I did. Tho it may not seem so lol.

  6. 220346
    Peres : Thu 4th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    Can I get your name,Birtoc,sounds good

  7. 158267
    Unknown User : Fri 5th Mar 2010 : 12 years ago

    You could try using an anogram creator....i did it for my surname (which is Butterfield :P) and i got random names which sounded pretty good, like TUBED FILTER

Posts 26 - 32 of 32

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