Editing/Syncing Guitar Loops In Pro Tools

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    Jerry_Flattum : Sat 6th Jan 2007 : 12 years ago

    I'm new to loop-based recording/editing, Pro Tools and virtual instruments. I'm not new to writing, arranging, recording, performing.

    My issue most likely applies to advanced users and particularly users familiar with Virtual Guitarist 2 and similar guitar loops.

    I want to know how to fit loops to a song. Virtual Guitarist 2, for instance, offers an incredible selection of loops, riffs, grooves, etc. but there is nothing in the manual or the Steinberg database that tells HOW to fit them to a song already written and arranged (except for the guitar part).

    Also Pro Tools obviously has phenomenal audio and MIDI editing capability. But still, taking a 1/4/8 bar loop and fitting it to a segment of a song is one thing, but a song goes through significant changes. The guitar part must match this with chord changes, rhythm patterns, riff fills, stops/starts, etc.

    Virtual Guitarist 2 claims this can be done, but there is nothing in the literature to explain how.

    This is not an issue of stringing a series of loops together to create a song. It's an issue of using loops to FIT a song already written, arranged and recorded.

    Actually, what happens in theory to guitar parts applies to any other part (bass, drum, etc.).

    I don't see a solution other than severe editing. Right now, my choice is to find samples--not loops--that have the sound I'm looking for but I play the part via MIDI keyboard.

    RealGuitar, in contrast to Virtual Guitarist 2, provides performance parameters as well as authentic samples of acoustic steel and nylon guitars. RealGuitar also has a library of loops. So the same issue/question applies.

    Pointing to an online tutorial will sure help. But how you've solved the problem cuts to the chase.

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