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    Looperman : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    To help get your tracks noticed there are a few things that you must do.

    1 - Set your tracks to featured
    2 - Review other members tracks

    Reviewing other members tracks will automagically put you in with a chance of having one of your tracks shown in the Featured Tracks box that appears on almost every page of the site.

    Hint : When we choose a track to show in the Featured Track box we first look to see who has made the effort to review other members tracks within the last week. Once we have chosen a member from that list we then pick at random one of their tracks to feature.

    To promote a specific track then make sure that ONLY that track is set to featured. You can un feature an old track by editing the tracks properties in your members area.

    remember though, you must have at least one track set to featured in order for any of your tracks to show in the featured tracks box.

    If you set ALL of your tracks to featured then as long as you have reviewed tracks in the last week we will just pick a random track of yours.

    Having your track appear in the Featured Tracks box is by far the best way to get your track noticed and thus get reviews etc.

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    SLAPJOHNSON : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    Nice work Looperbuddy!! Cheers Slap...

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    Looperman : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    I thought this would make it better now that people have a few tracks added.

    By default everyone's tracks are set to NOT FEATURED though so anyone wanting to get to the Featured Tracks box needs to set at least one track to featured

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    eshar : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    I think I understand how this works and it sounds like a good idea.
    I have 30 tracks uploaded and often only the latest one gets listened to, so this is a chance for me to make sure that some of my older tracks get a listen to as well. Thanks

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    Looperman : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    yes, instead of having the featured box pick at random from ALL your tracks it now only chooses from those you have set to feature. Also your chosen featured tracks and shown first on your tracks page

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    eshar : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    I've also just realised that this is a good way to test how popular a track is...if it's featured and doesn't get any plays or downloads it might need more work...lol. That's my take on it anyway.

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    RogueAi : Wed 19th Mar 2008 : 14 years ago

    I think it is funny that looperman used automagically instead of automatically.

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    Looperman : Fri 9th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Ive just updated how the featured tracks area works so that its a bit fairer.

    Heres how it works.

    Every hour we select all the users who have reviewed at least one track within the last 72 hours

    We then check if those users have any tracks uploaded and set to featured.

    For each of those users we select at random one track that they have set to be featured.

    We then store the results in the database and these are the users and tracks that are then featured until the hour is up and it starts all over again.

    Each time a page is loaded each of the chosen featured tracks has its counter increased by one and the next page load the chosen featured track with the least counts is displayed.

    In a nutshell ...

    If you take the time to review tracks you will be shown in the featured tracks area for up to 72 hours. Everyone will have their chosen track shown exactly the same amount of times as everyone else.

    having all of your tracks set to featured does not give you a bigger chance of being shown as we only choose one featured track at random from your list each hour.

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    rei4real : Sat 10th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    that's great!!!
    fairness is the keyword, appreciated a lot ...
    thx ...

    cheers, rei

  10. 139050
    DustHill : Sat 10th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    yeah thx for the fairness looperman

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    Looperman : Sun 11th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Has anyone noticed an increase in reviews for their tracks ? The overall count seems to be higher

  12. 583767
    eshar : Sun 11th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Something that I noticed the other day is that I seemed to have reviewed a lot of tracks...I do review a lot, but it seemed to have jumped by a few...perhaps the counter is adding on too many...?

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    Looperman : Sun 11th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    The counter counts in real time . eg it checks the database for the reviews you have made each time you look at the stats so it will always be correct.

  14. 583767
    eshar : Sun 11th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Oh that's okay then..I must have been busier than I thought...

  15. 141892
    evolutionmix : Sun 11th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    I am knew to loperman and i have question about my recently added loops i dont know how long it will take to vlidate my tracks and my loops.

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    Looperman : Mon 12th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Ive just added a new checkbox to the tracks filter at the top of the tracks page that allows you to view only those tracks that are currently in the featured tracks list.

    If you thinking of reviewing a track these are the ones to go for first.

    if you want to get your track listed here follow the simple rules laid out above. remember the more tracks you have set to featured the less control you have over which of your tracks gets the review

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    Looperman : Tue 13th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    You may have noticed that the word featured appears to the right of some tracks. These are the tracks that are currently in the list of tracks being featured by the site.

    You may also see a * to the right of some track names. These are files that the artist has chosen to promote. The tracks featured by the site are picked at random from those that the artist assigns. Every hour we choose all the users who have made a review within 72 hours and then pick one of their tracks at random to include.

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    Looperman : Sun 25th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Ive updated this so that you must also have an avatar added to your profile in order to have your tracks appear in the featured tracks box.

    I thought this would be better as it shows that you have made some effort to be part of the community

  19. 144893
    Sixfingermusic : Sun 25th May 2008 : 14 years ago

    Could not agree with the looperman more...if you don't know how to make an avatar use this link and they will do it for you real nice and easy...Be part of the community and participate, the rewards are great if you do. =) Peace, Six

  20. 144893
    Sixfingermusic : Sun 25th May 2008 : 14 years ago


  21. 135658
    Unknown User : Thu 5th Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    how do i set it to featured im new to this music stuff?

  22. 583767
    eshar : Thu 5th Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    @ liltiger - when you press the upload track button a form will appear. On the form you can fill in the info about the track...genre, title, description etc...you also have the option of choosing whether to feature the track or allow it for download.
    However, I think that you will need to make sure that you have an avatar before you can upload...that's a recent requirement.
    Hope this info helps a little...Elaine/eshar

  23. 147173
    Biirg : Fri 6th Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    What it dew to the people of Looperman.com. The name is Biirg and I'm new to this. When yall get a chance go check out my muzic. Love, peace, and KY greece. LOL Holla

  24. 39029
    rei4real : Fri 6th Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    hello Biirg and welcome to Looperman ...
    but please: to introduce yourself use the category "Introduce yourself" (!!!) in the forums ...
    don't get off-topic ...

    peace, rei

  25. 139117
    P_Nutz : Mon 9th Jun 2008 : 14 years ago

    OH SNAP! LOL i need to put down on my track "Screwed" i need to make that a featured track, man i just started goin to this website not too long ago and i just LOVE tha loops on here, i'm using ACID for all tha beats that i made and i've only uploaded two soo far but i got like 23 more to go but tha shit take's for ever lol

    I'm trying to get sum monay goin so i can get fruity loops xxl 7 because even tho it's more difficult to use than ACID...it's still alot funner, does anybody have an opinion about that?

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