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    Birdy : Sun 22nd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago hello all,
    i have just purchased a korg nano key midi keyboard and am very pleased with it. the problem that i am having is that since installing it and linking it to FL Studio, something has changed. Now, every time i press the play button to listen to a pattern or the song, 3 dots appear on the play button and it asks me press a key on my midi keyboard, displaying 'waiting for input' in the info bar.
    i think i may have altered some wrong setting whilst setting it up, if anyone could help me it would be much appreciated as its quite disruptive to my work flow.
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    RogueAi : Sun 22nd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago The nanokey is a piece of crap, mine broke after a few months. At least I still have the M1 Le vsti, has some good sounds, especially the house organ and the piano.

    Return the nanokey and buy this instead, has real keys but is nearly the same size.
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    Birdy : Sun 22nd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago doesnt really help my current predicament. i was given the nanokey as a gift and so far have found it satisfactory to my needs. anybody know how to stop this play button problem?
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    RogueAi : Sun 22nd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago Sorry I don't use FL.
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    ECKSjoe : Mon 23rd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago Sounds like you've pressed the record button and it's on the mode where you play a key and recording begins.
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    SuspektNumber1 : Mon 23rd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago Hey if you havent sorted it already its a small problem, its just waiting for an imput before it starts playing, in the box where the metronome is the button next to it that has a keyboard and says wait un tick that and your problem is solved.
    Hope it works for you
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    Birdy : Mon 23rd Nov 2009 : 7 years ago thanks mate im away from my computer now but ill try that when i get back, i knew it must be something simple because i knew i hadnt done anything drastic.

    thanks again pal
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